About Athenas Pets

Let us tell you a story:

Kevin and Steve – Students of business from Academia and the School of Hard Knocks respectively.

Both wanted to start a business but didn’t really have some wild idea or any idea at all in fact.

In their search for a cool product to sell, they stumbled upon many widgets, gadgets and industries that were neat. But, they had too many barriers to entry. They also found a lot of great products that just weren’t – well, let’s face it – fun to use or sell. Like new and improved plungers… great product but definitely never fun to use and imagine dealing with those returns LOL.

About Us - Athenas Pets Owners

Then, they found the most pawsome thing ever! The dog cooling pad. Boom. Athenas Pets was born. Unfortunately for these two “brilliant” businessmen, their education didn’t tell them that dog pads could be patented. But, through this experience, they learned a lot of lessons. Most importantly, it introduced them to the dog product industry – which is a REALLY fun place to be!

Dog owners are fun people – at least when they’re talking about their dogs LOL – and, well, dogs themselves are cool as heck!

So, they started selling some of the greatest dog products they could find, and at first, that’s all they did. It was very transactional. A customer paid for their dog products online and they would get shipped out to the customer.

Well, there wasn’t any excitement there. Kevin and Steve were making sales, but they didn’t even get to interact with their customers in any way. They thought, “what was the point?”

So, the two got together and asked themselves, “How can we continue to serve customers from all over the country but have more fun by interacting with them more than we are now?”

More About Athenas Pets...

It only took them a couple glances at the messages coming into their inbox to figure it out: potty training! Although they weren’t potty training experts, they had done a pretty good job training their Beagle, Bella, so how hard could it be to teach someone how to do it?

Boy were they wrong. It took countless hours of research, filming, testing different methods, getting Bella to cooperate and video editing. But, when it was all said and done, they had one of the most complete and fun potty training courses available to dog owners, which you can access here.

Since then, Kevin and Steve have gone on to sell tens of thousands of dog training products and courses and have interacted with countless customers, each with an awesome story and, of course, an awesome doggo!

And that’s kind of the story! Well, the short version without all of the father son bickering, headaches and – well, it’s just the fun stuff without all of the pain. The best way to really experience what we’re all about is to grab one of our dog bells for potty training and sign up for our training course by clicking here.

Over the past few years since Athenas Pets has been around, we’ve helped tens of thousands of dog owners through training their dogs and we have made it our mission to create fun dog training experiences that yield successful results.

Our team is invested in producing the best quality products and researching the most proven methods of training. We do this so that you’re never stuck with a training tool that you don’t know how to use successfully ever again. More than 10,000 customers trust us with their dog training needs.

And, we’re nowhere close to finished! We can’t wait for you to be our next dog training success story! Hop into any of our training courses here or pick up one of our unique dog training tools here.

Talk to you real soon!


Kevin and Steve Larrivee

Co-Founders – Athenas Pets

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P.S. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your dogs! We’re a small, family business in the USA and cute/funny/impressive dog pictures (and videos!) inspire us to keep doing what we’re doing.

P.P.S. Okay, we couldn’t resist missing out on your dog pictures and videos (plus we need a little extra motivation), so here’s a bribe: go on your favorite social media site (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and tag @AthenasPets in a pawsome video or picture post of your doggo. We’ll pick a winner every month to receive a FREE set of dog potty bells and access to our 7-Day Potty Bells Training Challenge. You can also send a screenshot of your post to support@athenaspets.com to receive 15% off your next order of $20 or more in case you can’t wait for us to announce a winner!*

* Limit one-time per customer.

P.P.P.S. These P.S. things are kind of fun. If you’re ready to start training your dog right now, click here to check out our amazing collection of dog training products and courses, produced for dog owners just like you!