Best Dog Doorbell for Potty Training System

Dog Doorbell Potty Training can be done in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Get your Dog Comfortable with the Bells
  2. Hang the Bells from the exit Door Handle
  3. Praise and Reward only when they go potty.

If you are looking for the simplest, easiest to use dog doorbell training system, look no further. This article gives you everything you need to know to have your pup ring the dog bell to let you know they need to go outside to potty.

If you’re potty training a puppy with a bell or an older dog, the Athenas Pets system works. While everything you need is included below, we have a free eBook for download with all the doggie doorbell instructions.

Get ready, this is the most fun you’ve had on two feet and your dog has had on 4 feet. It’s really amazing to see it in action, so without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Dog Doorbell and How is it used for Potty Training?

Our dog, Bella, in the video above has a great time communicating to us. She is ringing the dog bell to let us know she needs to go out for a potty time. There are not many things more fun than to watch your dog ring the potty bells when it’s time.

Not only is it fun for you it is a real crowd pleaser when your friends see it too. They’ll think you are a dog training expert! But in reality, it should just take a few days to have them ringing the doggie doorbell to go outside. Seriously, in 7 days you can have your dog ringing the bells. Just follow our step by step method for 1 week.

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Everything you wanted to Know about Dog Doorbell Training and more…

We have a very smart Doodle! Have had these bells less than a week and she rings them when she wants to go out! Just amazes us how they figure this out! Very pleased with the results!

7-Day Potty Bells Training Challenge Course Free

7-Day Potty Bell Challenge Course

We’ve created an Online Video Course that we’re giving away for free with the purchase of a set of our dog doorbell. This course walks you through two items per day. Accomplish these easy items and you’ll have your dog ringing the potty bells in 7-Days!

It includes a downloadable eWorkbook with 2 Checklist items per day for one week. A notes section to keep track of your progress or setbacks. Troubleshooting hints to keep you on track. In addition, there is a link to a Dog Potty Training Schedule and Dog Praise and Reward posts that help you understand everything.

7-Day Potty Bells Challenge - Day 1

The 7-Day Potty Bells Training Challenge also comes with a membership to a dedicated private FaceBook group. You can post photos, discuss success and challenges. Get assistance from others on the 7 Day Potty Bell Challenge Journey.

Finally, an audiobook version of the dog door bell eBook is included so you don’t have to read.

  • Overview of Dog Training Bells for Door
  • The Athenas Pets Dog Door Bells Training Method
  • Final Thoughts
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Potty and House Training Course Free

Potty and House Training Course

Athenas Pet’s Complete Video Series Potty and House Training Course covers all the key topics for you and your puppy or dog. It’s loaded with hints and pointers. Eliminate odors in your home. Come home to a clean and happy dog. What’s better than a clean home and happy dog?

We provide a Potty Schedule template to organize your dog’s potty schedule around your schedule and keep track of your progress. It is important to get your dog on a set schedule to be successful. Building a routine, especially with a young pup, is critical.

Potty Schedule Image

Also included is a dedicated private Facebook Group with other Potty Trainers just like you. This is just for the Potty and House Training Course, so you get the right answers for your need. Someone from the Athenas Pets Team is on to assist as well.

The best thing about all of this is there is a 30 Day Money back guarantee. 

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Our proven methods get results fast. Give us a try. You’ve got nothing to lose as we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Dog Doorbell Training is 3 Simple Steps:

We looked at many different ways of potty training a puppy with a bell. After many experiments, some successful, many not, we came up with a Simple 3 Step System. If you follow this system, your dog will learn how to use the dog bells in no time.

We’ve sold over 20,000 of our Athenas Pets dog doorbells on Amazon to dog owners like you. It’s really easy and we have an incredibly high success rate. We’re here every step of the way if you need assistance.

The whole idea of the dog doorbell system is to have you dog ring the bells instead of jumping on you, staring or worse yet, doing nothing at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it and get your dog trained.

We have a new puppy and I want to train her to ring the bell to let us know when she needs to potty. I love the length of this bell since she is so teeny. She can reach it. She is getting the hang of it. Such a great investment for a great price.
Image - Jodi

Step 1 to Dog Door Bell Training:

Dog Touching Potty Bell

Get Your Dog Comfortable with the Potty Bells

Encourage your dog to touch the dog training bells. When you first receive the bells, make sure you don’t ring them wildly as this make scare some dogs. Try to gently introduce them to your dog in your hand. Have your dog sniff them and generally “get comfortable” with the bells. If you’re having issues with this, try putting a treat on or under the bells for a tasty assist.

As your pup gets used to the bells, you want to hold them, so they hang from your hand. This mimics how they will be used on the door. Now call your dog over to touch the potty bells with their paw or nose. Every time they touch the bells give them a hearty praise of good boy/girl.

The final part of step 1 is to get them to ring the bells with a little encouragement when asked. For example, you should be able to say, “Touch the Bells,” and your dog touches them with their paw or nose consistently.

It doesn’t take much to move from this step to step 2. You want your dog to have touched the bells a few times to move on. You also want the tap on the bells to be loud enough to get your attention. Make sure you praise them for every good touch.

I love Athena’s Pets Dog Bells for potty training my 12 week old beagle puppy Shayla! We received it just yesterday and I’m so excited to say that our pup is already getting the hang of this AMAZING PRODUCT!! I want to thank Athena’s pet dog bells for also giving me a free Athenas puppy training on how to use my product best guide and also great info I 100 percent needed with having a new puppy!...
Image - Bridget

Step 2 to Dog Door Bell Training:

Dog Doorbells Hanging From Door

Hang Dog Doorbells from Door Handle

In step 2, you need to hang the dog training bells from the knob or handle of the door you use to take your dog to potty. It’s a simple process as there is a snap that allows you to set it to different doorknob heights. If you have a screen door, there you can remove the top bells similar to a keychain to install.

You can always use multiple potty bells to hang from several exit doors around your home. Now here is the important part of this step. You need your dog to understand they need to ring the bells to go outside.

When you’re first starting this step, every time you take your dog out encourage them to ring the bells. This is the same as step 1, but now, the bells are hanging from the exit door. When you dog does praise (good boy/girl) and reward them with a tasty treat. Then, immediately take them out to potty.

What if your dog doesn't go Potty?

If your dog does not ring the bells, no praise, no reward. If you know they need to go out, ring the dog bells with your hand on the way outside. After a few times, they will get the hang of it and associate the bells with going outside for potty.

If your pup is having problems with the doggie doorbell, be patient. Some dogs take a little time to catch on. One trick is to put a treat outside the door making sure your dog sees you. Then encourage them to ring the bell to go outside for the treat. If they don’t ring the bell – no praise and no treat.

You know you are ready to move to the next step when your dog will always ring the doorbell to go outside. Remember, you need to take them out when they ring to reinforce the behavior. Step two can take a day to a few days.

We have used our potty bells, to help us house break our new 12 week old puppy. So far they are working so well on our outside porch that we ordered another set for our indoor effort.

Step 3 to Dog Door Bell Training:

Teach a Dog to Potty on Command
Dog Praise and Reward

Praise & Reward ONLY When they go Potty

This is one of the more difficult parts of the training. You want to have your pup ring the dog bells only when they need to go potty. Most dogs are going to want to go outside all the time – regardless of their need to potty. Indeed, it is healthy for them to get out to run around and play. But unless you want to be interrupted for false alarms, it is important to follow this step.

In the previous step you praised and rewarded your dog when they rang the bell to go outside. Now, you are switching to only praising and rewarding your dog when they ring the potty training bell to go outside and then go potty.

If your dog goes longer than the normal time you give them to potty, take them back in. There is no praise and reward for this. But make sure they have a sufficient time to do their business.

Over time, your dog will learn they only get praise (Good Boy/Girl) and reward (treat) when they ring the bell and actually go potty outside.

Well, that’s it. It really is that simple, but it takes consistency and patience. If your dog gets off track in the training, go back to earlier steps and get those nailed down. You can do this!

This is What Dog Bell Training is all About

As you can see by the video above, the doggie doorbell serves a great purpose. Our friends at Patriot Farms Boston Terriers train their dogs from an early age to associate the dog doorbells to going out to potty. This carries over to their new owners as they take home the pups home with their own bells.

While you are attending to other tasks around the house, your dog will be able to get your attention. Think about it, you can be cooking, cleaning, watching TV or anything else and you won’t miss the call.

Once trained, your dog will ring the dog doorbell when they have the urge to potty. When you hear the bell, take them out and you will avoid a problem. The alternative may be a nasty mess to clean on the floor or carpet.

These were much cheaper than several other doggie bells on Amazon so I was a little worried about the quality, but it wasn't an issue. I've only been using them a couple months but they've held up well. We have them on a command hook next to the door so they aren't jingling every time we open and close the door. Our pup (5 months old) figured out how to use them right away...
Image - Amanda


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FREE Bonuses:

7-Day Potty Bell Challenge Course

7-Day Potty Bell Training Challenge

Your Dog Will Ring the Bells to Let you Know they Have to Go in Just 7 Days

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  • 7-Day Potty Bell Challenge Course
  • Potty & House Training Course
  • Potty Bells Training Guide eBook
  • AudioBook of Training Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Doorbells for Potty Training

Can I install the Dog Bell on a Sliding Glass Door Handle?

Dog Doorbells on Sliding Glass Door Handle

Yes, you can install these on a sliding glass door handle. It takes an extra step though. You need to remove the top bell similar to how you would with a keychain. Once the bell is off, you are able to thread the strap through the sliding glass door handle and snap it together. Then you can reattach the top bell you removed or leave it off – your choice. Then use the doggie doorbell as normal.

Made for Every Door

Can I Adjust the Height of the Dog Door Bell?

Potty Bell Training

The dog doorbells for potty training can be adjusted for height with a simple snap system. There are 2 to 3 snap positions that will allow you to set the height of the bells, so they don’t rest on the ground. This adjustment is also useful for dogs who are smaller or taller. Set the height of your potty bells to work best for you.

Can Poochie Bells be used with Older Dogs?

Wondering if the dog bells work for an older dog? Well Our friend Zippy just sent us a video of her 15 year old dog using the bells following our 7-Day potty bell challenge course.

Our dog Bella, a Beagle shown other places on this page, also learned how to use the bell when she was over 10 years old.

We’ve heard stories from many different people with dogs of all ages that have successfully trained their pups using our dog doorbell system.

What are you waiting for? Get started today.

Can the Potty bells be Used just to take the Dog Outside?

Dog Touching Bells

Sure, you can use the dog bell system to just alert you when your dog wants to go outside. If you’re using the Athenas Pets 3 Step System above, just stop at Step 2.

A word of caution though. You may become your dog’s doorman or doorwoman and be getting up 50 times a day to take them out so they can play.

But, this is 100% your call. It’s all about what you want for your dog.

Happy Girl With Dog

Can dog doorbells be used on outside door to let dog in?

Absolutely, in fact many people have them both inside and outside. This is especially handy if you have a fenced yard or an obedient dog. 

Some dog owners have them on more than one entry and exit door for convenience. 

We offer multi-packs of the bells so you can get what you need for your situation.

Potty Bell Training
Potty Bell Training

How Loud are the dog bells?

Premium Dog Door Bells

It depends on which dog bells for potty training you get. Our Athenas Pets bells have 7 LOUD well-built silver bells which will give you plenty of years of fun with your pet.

What should I look for in dog bell strap?

You want a study strap that is going to last a lifetime of ringing. Since these are going to be hanging from your dog, you also want something that is looks good too.

The Athenas Pets dog potty bell strap is made with premium nylon material which looks great while handling even the most aggressive ringing.

This is not the first set of doggie bells that we ever had. Our first ones were composed of a single large bell on twine. Now that we have "moved up" and can afford luxury items (to us these were a luxury item because they are quite attractive). We have trained 3 labs from puppies and this latests pooch took to them as did all the others. Curiosity with a purpose. They are well made, have a rich sound and even after our dogs "knew" how to signal us with out a sound, they still used the bells.
Image - John

Are all Dog Doorbells the Same as Athenas Pets?

Dog Doorbell Comparison Chart

While the Dog Doorbell system seems very simple, there are a number of things you should be aware of. Quality of the materials used and how good they work. In addition, they need to work for your situation in your household.

First is the strap they hang from. While we sell our dog bell set at an inexpensive price, it is made from the best quality nylon webbing for durability and looks. Some of the less expensive ones will look wrinkled, even after they’ve been hangin on your door for weeks. The bells are next. Make sure you get ones that ring loud enough for you to hear. On both of these counts, Athenas Pets has you covered.

Next is functionality. Make sure your bells will fit on your door(s). You may want to change in the future, so something with multiple options is best. Our Athenas Pets dog doorbells have multiple heights and also allow hanging from sliding glass door handles.

Finally, what comes after the sale? Athenas Pets includes an eBook, an Audio version of the eBook and for a limited time a full-on online video course with eWorkbook to walk you through every step of the way. We are here to help if you have any questions at all.

My 12 week old Pomeranian/ Jack Russell mix has taken to this training product for the leave it command while on walks. It's very effective. The seller is amazing and the product is perfect.
Image - Brandy



More Dog Doorbell FAQ:

How do Electronic Doggy Doorbell Compare to Dog Bells on Strap?

There are some systems that work with an electronic doorbell. The dog pushed on the device and it makes a tone like a doorbell. Training your dog to use these devices would be used similar to bells on a strap hanging on your doorknob.

While we like the concept, there is the issue of their expense, as they are multiple times the cost of the strap version of the dog bells. In addition, as an electronic device, they are susceptible to failing like all electronic devices. They also require a battery change from time to time.

The bells on a strap version of the doggie doorbells are low cost, look good and are simple to use. They make a great low tech solution to your dog’s potty needs.  

What's in the Athenas Pets Dog Doorbell Training eBook?

The 14-Page Potty Bells Training eBook is included with the purchase of the Doorbells. It is an electronic copy that can be viewed on the computer, tablet or phone. With this alone, you could train your dog to ring the bells to let you know when the need to go potty. It covers the details of using the bells in our three step system. 


  1. Overview of Dog Training Bells for Door

  2. The Athenas Pets Dog Door Bells Training Method

  3. Final Thoughts

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

But, if you feel you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a Small U.S. Based, Family Company and we’re here to help.

Dog Door bells eBook
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our proven methods get results fast. Give us a try.

You’ve got nothing to lose as we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


We received our bells and our 9 week old puppy took to them immediately. She goes right to the door, hits the bells with her nose and we take her out! We are super impressed with the product and how well it’s worked for us. Thank you! She’s also super tiny so the length of the bells is perfect for us. The training guide was also very helpful.
Image - Karen

More Dog Doorbell FAQ:

How do you train a dog to use a Doorbell?

The dog doorbell is simply a set of bells attached to a strap. You hang this strap from the door handle of the door you use to take your dog outside.

The first step in doggie bell training is to get your dog comfortable with the bells. If your dog is scared of the bells, they will not want to hit them – ever.

The second step is to hang them from the door you use to take them outside to potty. This is typically with a couple snaps that loop around the door handle. Then you encourage your dog to ring them on the way out to potty. Initially, you may need to tap them with your hand on the way out. Reward successes with praise and treats.

Finally, for 100% success, you want to limit your dog to use the potty bells only when they need to go potty. You do this by ONLY rewarding and praising them when they go potty after ringing the bells.

Do dog bells work?

The short answer is YES. Many thousands of dog owners have trained their dogs using our potty bells. It does take some involvement by the owner to make it happen. Once your dog learns, it is simply aa matter of taking them out when they ring the bell.

We offer a video training course that will have your dog ringing the bells in just 7-Days. From time to time, we offer this for free with our dog doorbells.

How do I stop my dog from ringing at the doggie bell?

In some cases, your dog will try to ring the bell all the time for fun or just to go outside. They have associated ringing the dog bell to going out and not just for going potty.

In these cases, you want to make sure your dog knows that it is only good to ring the bells for a potty time – but how?

First, you want to use PRAISE and REWARD as your training tools. You want to positively reinforce all desired behaviors and not give any reinforcement to unwanted behaviors.

So, make sure you ONLY praise and reward your dog when they ring the bell AND ALSO go potty outside. Then make a big scene! Praise them with Good Boy, Good Girl – give them some good loving and petting – and reward them with a tasty treat.

If you only do this when they are doing what you want, over time, they will understand that is what they should be doing. Be patient, persistent and you will win in the end.

How do I teach my dog to tell me he needs to go out?

As described up above, there is a simple three step process for potty bells training.

First, you get your dog comfortable with the dog bell. The sound is sometimes frightening to small pups, so you want to make sure they are good with the bells first. Do shake them wildly, let your dog come to them and praise them when they are successful.

Next, you want to hang the bells from your exit door handle and encourage your dog to ring them every time they go out. If they don’t ring the bells after a few minutes, hit the bells yourself on the way out. In no time, they will associate ringing the dog bell with going outside. Praise and Reward successes.

Finally, when step 2 is complete, you want to transition to only praising and rewarding when your dog rings the doggie doorbell and ALSO goes out to potty. This will let them know that ringing the bells is only for potty time.