5 Super Fun Dog Activities for This Weekend

Fun Dog Activities
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Everyone is looking to have a great time with their dog. So, here are 5 Super Fun Dog Activities you can do this weekend to enjoy time with your pooch.

1) Find It Game

We’ve been doing this with our dog Bella since she was a pup. She’s a Beagle, so she has a keen sniffer, but any dog should be able to do this. No matter what, it will be great fun trying.

First, you need to decide if you show the treat or not when you start the game. If your dog is able to stay without going bonkers at the sight of the treat, I suggest you show it. If your dog just can’t stay still, then I would not show it at first.

How to Teach a Dog Recall

Next, hide the treat. You can do this in the house or the yard. Start off with something relatively easy like in the middle of the floor in another room. Then, work your way up to behind a piece of furniture or even under something like a shirt on the floor.

Now for the fun. With the smell of the treat still on your fingers, put them in front of your dog’s nose. If they are anything like my dog, they will know that is a good scent. Now say, “Find,” “Go Find,” or anything else of your choosing – and point them in the right direction.

We like to follow behind Bella to see where she goes and to make sure we’re there when she finds the treat.

This is always a fun time…

2) Fun Dog Activities - The Get Together

With everyone on edge about the virus, why do our dogs have to suffer? From everything I’ve read, dogs can’t catch this virus.

So, why not get together with a friend or two who have dogs? You can meet in one of your backyards while the dogs play together.

Make sure the people social distance – but, the dogs will do just fine.

3) Play Dress Up

Dog Memes Series # 05 Large

Ever think your dog had the makings for Hollywood? Well, now is your time to find out. Get your clothes and costumes out or go from scratch.

You can make you dog look like Harry Potter, Scooby Doo or even Scuba Steve. Make your own character as you are the producer, director and everything else in between.

Mix this in with a photo party and post images to your favorite social media account. Not only will you bring a smile to yourself, but others as well. If you’re feeling like showing the world, send them to us and we’ll post the best pics to our social media as well.

4) Treat Roulette

Place treats under small plastic cups and mix them up like the shell game. You can put an awesome treat under one cup a so-so treat under the next and maybe no treat under the rest.

Then, mix them up and let your dog try to sniff out the goodies. How about that for a fun dog activity?

5) The Dog Maze - Fun Dog Activity

Fun Dog Activity - Maze Game

Setup a maze made out of sofa cushions, furniture and – well anything. Get creative. Now have your dog enter at one end and see if he makes it to you at the exit.

If you have a long and complicated maze, you can leave treats at points along the right path for them to find. This makes for a good time for both you and your pup.

That concludes our fun dog activities article but check in from time to time for some more cool stuff to do with your dog.

* BONUS Fun Dog Activity - Dog Doorbells *

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Here’s a video from Denny and Lori’s Patriot Farms Boston Terriers. They use the dog bells to train their pups for early on so they will associate the bells to going potty. When their owners get them, they are already conditioned to ring the bell for potty time.

This is a long term fun dog activity that will pay dividends with clean floors in your home.

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Steve Larrivee

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