Dog Bark Collars Video

Dog Bark Collar Video
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This Dog Bark Collars Video gives you the unboxing experience of the Athenas Pets Humane Dog Bark Collar. You get to see what comes in the box, the settings and how it works.

Here’s a rundown of the video’s contents with some links to more details as well.


Do you ever wish you could stop your dog’s barking?

Train your dog to stop barking with the Athenas Pets Humane Bark Collar!

The humane way to train your dog using beeps and vibration.

Humane Dog Bark Collar

Humane Bark Collar

Only $19.99

  • Beeps & Vibration Only
  • Does NOT harm your dog
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Easy Training with included eBook

Bark Collar Beep & Vibration Cycles:

Bark Collar Beep Vibration Cycles

Here’s a blog post that covers the Bark Collar Beep & Vibration Cycles. It provides more details on this Athenas Pets’ feature than the dog bark collars video.

No shock and no harm to your dog!

The collar comes with 3 colors, a charging cable and a free eBook!

Other collars don’t provide any tips for effective training.

The easy to follow eBook has training tips for guaranteed success.

Download Free Training Guide Today:

The complete setup and usage instructions are covered in detail in our Athenas Pets Humane Bark Collar Training Guide, which is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. This guide provides the setup and training techniques to successfully train your dog with our bark collar.

We’ve had many great reviews from dog owners who solved their nuisance barking problems with our collar.

You’ll never have to have your home filled with constant barking again!

Simply pick from blue, green, or pink and snap the faceplate in!

The collar is rechargeable so there is no need for expensive batteries!

No Expensive, Bulky Batteries to Change:

I’d really like to elaborate on this section of the dog bark collars video. The rechargeable function of the bark collar is an incredibly important feature. Older bark collars had bulky, replaceable batteries that needed to be changed every month or so. These batteries are expensive not rechargeable. After a couple battery changes, you could purchase a new collar.

Athenas Pets Support Team

The comfortable but sturdy clip keeps the collar in place.

There are NO uncomfortable prongs! The collar contours to the neck!

Simply hold the power button to turn the collar on.

The “+” and “-“ buttons control the sensitivity level of the collar.

Bark Collar Sensitivity Levels:

Bark Collar Sensitivity

Here’s a blog post that covers the Bark Collar Sensitivity Settings. It provides more details on this Athenas Pets’ feature than the dog bark collars video.

You can test the collar by scraping the test strip with your nails.

Set your sensitivity level and strap the collar on your pup to start!

We can’t even get her to bark anymore after this video!

Super Effective !!!

Bark Collar & Other Popular Products:

Bark Collar

At this time, the Athenas Pets Humane Bark Collar is available in a kit which includes: (1) Rechargeable Bark Collar; (3) Different Color Faceplates; (1) USB Charging Cable and (1) Downloadable Training Manual.

We sure hope you liked our dog bark collars video and hope you get an opportunity to check out our other Dog Training Products. Each comes with an eBook Training Guide, so you’re never left in the dark as your training progresses.

Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

As a dog lover since his youth, Steve Co-Founded Athenas Pets with his son Kevin to promote dog training to the masses. Athenas Pets, focuses on training products and providing the "know-how" so the average dog owner can train their dog like a pro.

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