Dog Jumping Through Hoop

Dog Jumping Through Hoop
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To get your Dog Jumping Through Hoop is a simple process that is very similar to the JUMP command.

The SIT command and STAY command are good prerequisites for this trick. This is because you want your dog to sit in one place while you adjust the bar or get around to the other side.

It can be done by most dogs. Just don’t go too high on the old or out of shape ones.


Have your dog sit or stay then place the bottom of the hoop on the ground in front of them with a treat in your hand on the other side.

This gives your dog a very low height to achieve your request. This is the starting point and you want your dog comfortable with the hoop.

This is the setup step of this trick.


Now call your dog and have them go through the hoop. PRAISE and REWARD your dog each success. 

Don’t be too hard on your dog if they stop or try to go around the hoop. Just keep trying. You’re in this for the long game, so be patient and you will succeed. 

Every few times, raise the hoop and then start adding in the “JUMP” command.

The jump command is the association you want your dog to have with this trick. Over time, when your dog hears you say jump and you have the hoop in your hand, they will know what to do.


Now you want the hoop at a good height for your dog (you be the judge). You call your dog with the “JUMP” command and when they jump through the hoop PRAISE and REWARD them.

You should have it nailed down after a few sessions.

If you feel your dog is not getting the trick, stop and go back to the hoop on the ground and start again.


Who doesn’t want their dog to jump through a hoop? This is a great bonding experience and sure to make you and your dog happy.

Surprisingly, to get your Dog Jumping Through Hoop is one of the easy tricks to teach your dog.

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Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

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