Dog Paper Training – Successful Owner Secrets Revealed

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Like we mentioned in the post, “The Best Ways to Potty Train a Dog Now”, the Dog Paper Training Method is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your dog potty trained. Although there are other ways to do this, like the Crate Method, the Paper Training Method is one of my favorites. We will talk about the Crate Method tomorrow. Stay tuned to this page and we’ll keep you updated!

However, the drawback is that Potty Pads can sometimes be expensive if you’re going through a lot of them. Even though they’re only used throughout the training process, I know this is a big concern that many owners have. Now, you can always use Newspaper in place of Potty Pads. You just have to make extra sure that you clean your potty messes really good! You can learn more about that in the post titled “Eliminate Unwanted Dog Odors Simply and Effectively”.

The Basics of Dog Paper Training

Like all other ways to potty train your pup, dog paper training follows the same flow:

  1. Set aside a small space where your dog will stay
    • This space should have their bed and some toys in it
  2. Get them as comfortable with their “space” as possible
    • It’s important that you do this because dogs don’t go to the bathroom in a space that they feel is their own. And, they will only feel like the space is theirs if they’re comfortable with it.
  3. From here, let them start getting comfortable with the rest of the house


Obviously, there is a little more to it than that, but that is the basic overview of any kind of dog potty training that you’ll be doing. The basic framework above is really what makes your dog stop going potty in the house.

Now, the way dog paper training is different is that you are going to lay paper, usually potty pads or newspaper, all over your dog’s small space. However, this isn’t for your dog to make a habit of going to the bathroom on the paper. In fact, just the opposite! Actually, what you’re doing is just observing WHERE your dog goes potty in their space.

Now, this is super important, but we don’t have space to cover it all in one short blog post. If you want to learn more, please check out our Potty Training and House Training course here!

Final Thoughts

Finally, we wanted to make sure that we wrap everything from this post together. If you’re looking to potty train your dog, consider the Dog Paper Training Method. It’s simple, quick and effective. We’ve used it many times and we teach you exactly how to do it in our Potty Training and House Training Course. And, if you click below, it’ll take you where you need to be! In fact, we might even have a little bonus for you!

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What’s Next?

If you want to take your dog paper training a step further, think about getting a set of potty bells. You can pick them up on Amazon by clicking below!

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Everything you wanted to Know about Dog Doorbell Training…

Until my next post, I’d love to hear about what your biggest question about potty training is! Please either send me an email or leave a comment below! I’ll be happy to get back to your question directly, in a future post or even in a brand new video! Thanks for reading and make sure to come back to this page periodically to see all of the new updates that we will add here for you all.

Kevin Larrivee

Kevin Larrivee

Kevin is a life-long dog lover who loves sharing his dog training experience with others. Kevin finds the most excitement in answering questions that average dog owners have, especially if he doesn't know the answer! Continuous learning is what it is all about!

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