Dog Standing on Hind Legs

Dog Standing on Hind Legs
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Teaching the Dog Standing on Hind Legs trick is absolutely one of the coolest tricks there is.

Standing on their hind legs is not a natural position for your dog, so be careful with larger and older dogs. You know your dog best – make the right call.

While not being their natural position, they are definitely capable of doing this trick. Just think when your dog wants to see what’s on the table or other high place.

Some dog’s won’t have an issue doing this for longer periods of time. In fact, you could teach your dog to walk if they are good standing.

So, lets get on with it…


Start with your dog in the seated position and slowly move a treat above their head and then straight upward.

This is meant to get your dog to start moving their front paws off the ground. That’s the goal. If you can accomplish this, you’re ready to move to the next step.


When your dog lifts their front legs off the ground PRAISE and REWARD them and say “STAND”.

You want to do two things in this step.

First, you want to praise and reward them with a Good Boy, Good Girl and a tasty treat.

Then, you want to begin the association of this action with the “STAND” command.


Now encourage your dog to go higher and higher to reach the treat and make the PRAISE and REWARD a little more difficult to get. Always say “STAND” to associate the command with this trick.

This step goes further than step 2. At the end of this step, your dog is standing on their hinds legs and stable.


Always be aware of your dog’s safety on this trick. If you have a young pup, you’re probably good to go, but the older dogs might have a hard time.

When you get your Dog Standing on Hind Legs nailed down, make sure you give them a hearty praise and reward. That’s what they are looking for from you – their friend.

Let us know in the comments below how this trick worked for you.

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Steve Larrivee

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