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Dog Standing on all Fours
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The Dog Standing trick is to get your dog to stand up. Yes, you are basically trying to get your dog to stand on all fours instead of lying on the ground.

You may think this trick is a no brainer. But other tricks have your dog is going up, down and around. You need to have a way to get them to a standing position.

Many other tricks start from this base position. So, it’s a good idea to get this one under your belt.


When your dog is lying down, wait until they stand up or encourage them to stand up.

This step requires you to find something that gets you dog in the up position. You could wait or even help them along a little with your hands. 

The key is to have them move from some other position to standing on all fours.


When your dog stands, PRAISE them, REWARD them with a treat and say – you guessed it, “STAND.”

The purpose of this step is to get your dog to associate the command “STAND” with getting on all fours. It’s something they do naturally and now you’ve attached a name to it.

Make sure you quickly provide the praise and reward so they know why they are getting it.


Now get your dog to stand by just giving the verbal command “STAND.” When they do, PRAISE and REWARD them.

This is the ultimate goal of the trick. From whatever position your dog is currently in, you want them to get to the all fours position.

Since this is the basis of other tricks, it’s a great, almost essential, trick to perfect.


There is not much need for a follow-on on this one, but it will come in handy to have your dog stand for trimming, bathing and other things.

You can browse our other dog tricks online.

Please let us know in the comments section what else you would like to know.

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Steve Larrivee

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