Dog Training Clicker Instruction

Dog Training Clicker
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Dog Training Clicker training is a popular way to train your dog and involves the use of the “click” as the incentive. This is also known as positive reinforcement, for your dog. You can accomplish this in no time.

When beginning, start with your dog calm and in a relatively quiet environment. You want to get this nailed down before going to the park or other place with distractions.

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You start this trick with your dog in a relatively calm mood. They can be standing or sitting. We will use standing on all fours in this example.

If your dog is a little fired up, you can take them for a walk to burn off some of that energy.

You want them to be focused to learn this skill. Clicker training is awesome and can be one of your core training tools.


Now press the clicker near your dog. They should be close enough to hear it.

This part is easy. You just want to be close to your dog and make sure that they recognize there was a noise.

Typically your dog will turn their head toward you and the clicker with a “What’s That” look.


When your dog looks at you attentively, PRAISE and REWARD your dog.

This is where you let your dog know they did what you wanted them to.

A verbal praise of Good Girl, Good Boy and a tasty treat as a reward will have your dog trying to win more of your love.


Dog Training Clicker Instruction doesn’t end here.

Don’t let your dog get too comfortable getting a treat for just recognizing the click. Eventually you want them to do a trick or some other action to earn the reward of a click.

Build your dog clicker skills and you will be on the path to having a trick dog.

How did your training go? Tell us about it in the comments section below…

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Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

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