Fun with your Dog
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Fun with your dog is something you should have all the time. Sometimes you get so focused on the training aspect of having a dog, but you forget why you got your dog to begin with.

Today we’re going to look at 7 Things you can do now to have fun with your dog.

1) Take your Dog for a Walk:

Teach Your Puppy to SIT

Other than playing with their owners, what do dog’s love most? You got it – a walk. It gives your dog exercise and lets them smell the neighborhood or park.

They get to get go to the potty and maybe make a dog friend or two along the way. Getting outside with your dog may even make you happier too.

2) Get to Know Your Dog Better:

Curious Pup

Understand your dog’s schedule and how they feel during the day. Are they a morning dog or do they like to sleep in? Are they full of energy in the evening or do they hit the sack early?

When do they like to eat, go for a walk or other activity? Just as with friends or family the more you know your dog, the better you will understand them and have fun with them.

3) Reward your dog when they do something good.

If you want to encourage good behavior in your dog, reward them when they do good things.

A handy dog treat pouch will have you full of treats when the right moment arrives.

Dog Treat Pouch

Dog Treat Pouch


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4) Groom Your Dog

Grooming Pups

I know, some of your dogs don’t like to be groomed, but many do like the attention they get while being brushed.

A dog with a nicely groomed coat generally feels better and shows their appreciation for their owner who did the work. If you want to hand off the grooming, that works too.

Use Dog Doorbell for Potty Training

It is so cool to have your dog tell you when they need to go potty by ringing bells that hang from your door handle. It gives your dog a way to communicate without having to bark.

Dog Bells for Potty Training are Great!! Make sure they don’t abuse this privilege by ringing the bells all the time – just to go outside. Get your free eBook below.

Dog Door bells eBook
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Everything you wanted to Know about Dog Door Bell Training and more…

Dog Door Bells, Potty Bells

Potty Bells

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6) Show them how to do the recall command

Here’s a great video we found online that shows recall training.

It only takes a little training to get your dog to come back at the blow of a dog whistle. It makes a lot of sense since sometimes you need them to get out of harm’s way and you want them to listen the first time.

Dog Whistle Clicker
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Dog Whistle and Clicker Set

Whistle Clicker Set

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  • Dog Clicker
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7) Go for a Hike in the Woods - Fun with Your Dog

Getting back to nature with your dog is a great feeling. What dog wouldn’t love to spend some time with their owner on a hike in the woods?

Having fun with your dog can be any of these things, but bottom line, just spend some time with them and they will enjoy it.

Once you’ve had fun with your dog, check out some of the Athenas Pets great products that will help you on your dog training journey. See some our items below.

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Best of luck to you and your dog. At Athenas Pets, we’re always thinking of ways to make the human and pet experience better.

Our Dog Barking and Potty Training a Puppy Courses set you up for success.

Send us a message to let us know more about your experience.

Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

As a dog lover since his youth, Steve Co-Founded Athenas Pets with his son Kevin to promote dog training to the masses. Athenas Pets, focuses on training products and providing the "know-how" so the average dog owner can train their dog like a pro.

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