How to Teach a Dog Bang Trick

How to Teach a Dog Bang Trick
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How to Teach a Dog Bang Trick is one of the great dog tricks. It is awesome for you and your dog to do in front of friends.

Make sure you get it nailed down without distractions first though.

The DOWN trick is a good trick to have under your belt before moving onto the BANG. If you’ve done the “PLAY DEAD” this is the same trick with a quarter turn and different command.


When your dog is lying down, put a treat in front of their face and make a quarter circle move toward their back.

The purpose of this step is to get your dog to move from their belly on the ground to their side.

You want them to get this motion wired because it is what the rest of the trick is based on.


When your dog follows the treat around by rolling on their side, PRAISE and REWARD them and say, “BANG.” Do this over and over.

This is an important step and consists of a couple key items.

First, you want to associate the verbal “BANG” command with the act of rolling onto their sides.

Next, you want to give a positive reinforcement of a Good Boy, Good Girl praise and a tasty treat for reward.


Now just give the verbal command “BANG.” When they roll onto their side, PRAISE and REWARD them.

This step takes you to the finish line.

Now, you give the “BANG” command to trigger your dog’s behavior they associated to rolling over in step 2.


How to Teach a Dog Bang Trick is pretty simple, but you need to do it at first without distractions. 

Two key items. One, if they jump back up when they get their treat, delay the time from when they roll over until you give them the treat. Two, you can introduce a queue with your hand like shooting a gun to make this really cool.

Tell us of your success and challenges in the comments section below…

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