How to Teach a Dog Recall

How to Teach a Dog Recall
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How to Teach a Dog Recall is a very important command to teach your dog. It truly could save their life in traffic or other situations.

RECALL is also known as the COME command. The more you practice this trick the better your dog will be in a stress situation.

Make sure you have everything ready before you start. Your dog’s favorite treats are the best choice. You want something they really, really want.

Only say “COME” when you have something good and positive – never use COME when you are mad, going to give them bath, etc.


Start with your dog distracted or laying down a short distance away (maybe 10 feet) in the house.

The reason behind this step is to have your dog behaving as they would normally and not in a special training situation.

You want your dog to come back whenever you give the command, not only when they want to.


Make eye contact, say “COME,” be excited, happy and positive – PRAISE and REWARD your dog with the really great treat.

There are a few things to keep in mind on this step.

First, be happy and positive when you call your dog. No dog or person wants to come to someone who is perturbed or angry. They should want to come to you.

Next, you want to associate the “COME” verbal command with your dog returning to you. This begins that process.

Finally, the verbal praise (Good Girl, Good Boy) and tasty treat reward you give your dog makes them ready to come back to you when you call in the future.


Move further away and perform the same steps, Say, “COME” and always be positive, REWARD and PRAISE.

This step gets you in real life situations. You should be able to call you dog and they should come back if they are able to hear your command.

If you are having trouble with this, make sure you have a treat they love and are always, always happy and pleasant with them on their return.


How to Teach a Dog Recall is something every dog owner should teach their dog. When you want or need your dog to come back to you, they should do it happily.

Add more distractions and never use the “COME” command when you are not going to give your dog a positive reinforcement when they come to you. At a minimum they should get a Good Boy or Good Girl praising – every time.

We have many more dog tricks if you are interested.

Tell us about your training experience below in the comments.

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