How to Teach a Dog to Bring It

How to Teach a Dog to Bring It
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How to Teach a Dog to Bring It is an important trick for every dog owner. It is perhaps the most useful of our dog tricks.

Want your dog to bring something to you but have not associated a specific item to the command. Use the catch all “BRING IT” command to make it happen.

The “TAKE IT” and “DROP IT” tricks are prerequisites to this trick.

Here are more details how to teach dog to take it and how to teach a dog to drop it.


Get your dog near the toy you want them to bring and use the “TAKE IT” command. When they just grab the toy, PRAISE and REWARD your puppy or dog.

In this step you want to do two things.

First, you want to be able to point at a toy or object, give the verbal command “TAKE IT” and have you dog pick it up with their mouth.

Then, you want to verbally praise your dog (Good Boy, Good Girl) and give them a tasty treat when they do what you asked.


Now, move a few feet away and give the “TAKE IT” command, then “BRING IT” and encourage them to bring it to you. PRAISE and REWARD successes.

In step 2, you are asking your dog to bring the toy they learned to pick up in step 1 to you.

You are adding the “BRING IT” verbal command after the take it.

When your dog makes progress in their understanding, praise and reward them.


When they bring the toy to you, say “DROP IT” and PRAISE and REWARD them when they do.

This is the final part of the trick and gets your dog to let the toy or object go. We use the “DROP IT” verbal command for this final action.


How to Teach a Dog to Bring It doesn’t end there.

Your goal is for your dog to bring it (Whatever it is) to you and drop it off in your hand by just saying the “BRING IT” command.

Change the toys you use so your dog understands BRING IT applies to any object you ask for.

Tell us of your training adventure in the comments below…

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