How to Teach a Dog to Bring Tissue

How to Teach a Dog to Bring Tissue
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How to Teach a Dog to Bring Tissue is one of the less sanitary dog tricks.

Feeling a little under the weather? Or maybe you just want to have some fun? Why not teach your dog to bring a tissue on command?

The “TAKE IT” and “DROP IT” tricks are prerequisites to this trick.

The how to teach dog to take it and how to teach a dog to drop it commands are explained in these links.


The first thing you want to do is get your dog near the tissue box and use the “TAKE IT” command. When they just grab a tissue, PRAISE and REWARD them.

In this step, you are putting tissue box near your dog. You are also associating “TAKE IT” to the action of getting a tissue or maybe the whole box. 

When they do what you ask, give them a hearty verbal praise (Good Girl, Good Boy) and a well earned treat.

Once you get this step complete, it’s onto step 2.


Treat this like a fetch type command and move a few feet away and give the “TAKE IT” command.

Then, say “BRING TISSUE” and encourage them to bring it to you. PRAISE and REWARD successes.

The goal of this step is to associate “BRING TISSUE” to your dog’s act of getting the tissue and bringing it to you.

When they do this successfully, you want to make sure to praise and reward them for their hard work.


When they bring the tissue to you, say “DROP IT” and PRAISE and REWARD when they do.

The last part is to get your dog to give up the tissue or box when they get to you. Use the link to the drop it command to make this happen.


How to Teach a Dog to Bring Tissue is one of the more fun and interesting tricks to teach your dog.

Ultimately, you want to get your dog to get the tissue, bring it to you and drop it off in your hand by just saying the “BRING TISSUE” command.

If you want to make this super cool use “ACHOO” as the verbal command.

Let us know of your training successes and challenges in the comments below.

Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

As a dog lover since his youth, Steve Co-Founded Athenas Pets with his son Kevin to promote dog training to the masses. Athenas Pets, focuses on training products and providing the "know-how" so the average dog owner can train their dog like a pro.

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