How to Teach a Dog to Catch

How to Teach a Dog to Catch
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How to Teach a Dog to Catch is an age-old trick of teaching your dog to CATCH something. Dogs of every size and breed can do this. Just takes a little training.

It’s best to have your dog in a controlled environment for this one so they don’t get distracted by other dogs or attractions. We recommend knowing the SIT and STAY command prior to starting this trick.

If your feeling spunky, you can teach your dog how to catch a frisbee.


Start with your dog in the seated position with you slightly in front of them with a treat in hand.

In this step, you want your dog in the initial position. This is seated or at least staying in one spot in front of you.

Just like teaching a young boy how to catch a ball, you want to be close. You will be doing very light tosses of the treat to your dog.


Toss the treat to your dog near their face and when they open their mouth, but don’t’ catch it, PRAISE them, but pick up the treat before they get it.

The goal of this step is to get your dog to see the tasty treat coming their way and trying to catch it.

The tastier the treat, the more they will try to catch it.


When they eventually CATCH the treat in their mouth, say “CATCH” and PRAISE and REWARD them.

This time instead of just the verbal praise of Good Boy, Good Girl, they will also get the tasty treat you tossed to them. In fact, you can give them another treat as a bonus for making the catch.

This step also associates the “CATCH” phrase to their successful catching of the treat.


Once your dog has the CATCH a treat trick wired, move onto catching other stuff – balls, toys, etc. Use your imagination, this is supposed to be fun.

Let us know about your successes and challenges in the comments below.

As with all the tricks, you can do this. Some tricks just take a little more time than others. Here are some other cool tricks to teach your dog.

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