How to Teach a Dog to Drop It

How to Teach a Dog to Drop It
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How to Teach a Dog to Drop It is the next logical trick after the TAKE IT trick. Since now your dog has something in their mouth and you want them to let it go.

Learn the TAKE IT trick first since you need the dog to have the toy in their mouth for this trick.

Once you learn both of these tricks, it leads to a very cool put away toys trick.

If you take things step by step, it’s really not that difficult to learn.

Now, let’s Drop it…


Give your dog the “TAKE IT” command and when they get the toy in their mouth, this time, don’t PRAISE or REWARD.

The goal of this step is to get your dog with something in their mouth. You don’t praise them with Good Boy, Good Girl, because you want them to do something more first.

So once your dog is ready, move onto step 2.


Now, show your dog a really great treat, something they love! Encourage them to drop the toy for the treat. When they do, PRAISE and REWARD them.

In this step, you are trading a great treat for a good toy in your dog’s mouth.

If your dog will have nothing of this, get a better treat or make the toy in their mouth something they like less.


Once step #2 of How to Teach a Dog to Drop It is wired, get your dog to drop the toy with just the “DROP IT” command. PRAISE and REWARD them when they do. If not, back to step 2.

The reason for this is to get your dog to associate the command “Drop It” with dropping the toy.

You reinforce this good behavior with a verbal praise and tasty treat.


This is the second part of a really cool trick, so get this under you and your dog’s belt. Once you do, you’ll be ready for the “PUT AWAY TOYS” trick.

This may take some training with dogs who like to play with the toys. But, keep at it, be patient and be consistent. You will succeed in no time at all… and be on your way to a trick dog.

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Steve Larrivee

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