How to Teach a Dog to Jump Rope

How to Teach a Dog to Jump Rope
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How to Teach a Dog to Jump Rope is a trick that is based on the JUMP command. If you can get the jump command nailed first it will make this so much easier.

This is one of the more difficult dog tricks. You will need to be patient and persistent to make this one happen.

We’re going to tie one end of the rope to a stationary object to avoid distraction when starting.


Begin with your dog standing facing you and the rope on the ground between you and the post or other stationary object behind them.

Give the “JUMP” command and PRAISE and REWARD your dog when they do it.

At this point, the rope is laying on the ground and the your dog just jumps.

When you get your dog to jump, give them a verbal praise of Good Girl, Good Boy and a treat they like.


If your dog is not moving, go back to the JUMP trick. When your dog jumps with the “JUMP” command, gently swing the rope underneath them. Not too aggressively, just gently.

For successes, PRAISE and REWARD.

In this step, you are moving the rope underneath your dog when they jump. 

Careful with this, as you do not want to knock your dog off their feet with the rope.


Continue with the “JUMP” command as your dog jumps higher and gets the idea that the rope will go underneath them. Make earning a REWARD more difficult until you get them jumping the rope.

You are starting to put the trick together in this step. Once you dog realizes they need to jump the rope, you have succeeded.


How to Teach a Dog to Jump Rope is a little more difficult than some of the other jump tricks because the rope is moving. But, nothing is impossible.

Keep trying and stay consistent. If you are having trouble with this trick, make sure you go back to the jump command and get that wired first.

We would love to hear of your challenges and successes with this trick. Please let us know in the comments section below.

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