How to Teach a Dog to Leave It

How to Teach a Dog to Leave It
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How to Teach a Dog to Leave It is a little more advanced trick, but very cool. With a little time, patience and effort, you and your dog can conquer this trick as well.

Two Treats are needed for this trick, a favorite one and a so-so one your dog kind of likes.

It will be easier to start teaching this trick in a controlled environment, then introducing distractions once they really have this trick wired.

Now, let’s go….


Get your dog on a leash connected to a collar or harness.

The way we’re teaching this trick will use a harness or collar attached to a leash. You will be using this to keep them for devouring the treat while they’re training.


Drop the so-so treat 2-3 feet away from your dog and hold them back on the leash as they start to move toward it.

The goal of this step is to get your dog excited about getting the treat you throw on the ground in front of them.

It is important in this step to use the so-so treat. You will find out why in the next step.


Then, say their name and “LEAVE IT.” When they look at you, PRAISE and REWARD them with their favorite treat.

So there are several parts to this step.

First, you want you dog to be enticed by the so-so treat you threw on the floor in step 2.

Then, you want them to be distracted when you call their name and say “LEAVE IT.” 

When they look at you, instead of going for the so-so treat, you have accomplished your goal. At this point you want to give them a hearty praise (Good Boy, Good Girl) and a reward treat.

The key here is that the reward treat is their favorite and much better than the so-so treat they left on the floor.


How to Teach a Dog to Leave It is not done yet.

Over time, you want to remove the leash and get them to do these steps without restraint. It might not happen in your first session, but time and patience will pay off.

This is definitely one of the cool tricks to teach your dog.

Please share your experiences, challenges and results below in the comments section.

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