How to Teach a Dog to Spin

How to Teach a Dog to Spin
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How to Teach a Dog to Spin is really easy. They start standing on all fours, so there are not any prerequisite tricks needed.

Sometimes your dog will walk around in circles all by themselves. In this trick, you put that skill to good work and will praise them for it.

Anyone can get their dog to do this trick. Just keep at it and they will get it in no time at all.


Start with your dog standing up and you facing them in front.

In this step, you want to have your dog’s full attention.

To be clear, your dog is on all fours. You are facing them and may need to bend slightly if you have a small dog.

Having your dog in a calm state without distractions at first is a big advantage.


With a treat in your hand, slowly move your hand in a large circular motion from your dog’s nose going over their back, saying “SPIN.”

The goal of this step is to get your dog to follow the treat in your hand. You move your hand in the spinning motion you want your dog to do.

The reason I say over their back is that if you go too far out to the side it may get the wrong effect. Many times your dog will just start walking to the side you are moving the treat.

By going a little over their back in your circular motion, your dog has no choice but to start spinning. 

The other part of this step is to associate their spinning action to the “SPIN” command. Make sure you say this when your dog successfully begins to spin.


When your dog follows your hand around in a circle with their head and body, PRAISE and REWARD them.

Praising with a verbal Good Boy, Good Girl and a tasty treat reward are key. These two actions reinforce in your dog’s mind that they did something right.

Over time, they associate the spin command with spinning and you can cut down on the treats.


Begin doing it with just your hand, then just the command. Always, use the “SPIN” command to ensure association with this trick.

How to Teach a Dog to Spin is something every dog owner can teach their trick dog.

Tell us of your experience in the comments section below.

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