How to Teach a Dog to Stay

How to Teach a Dog to Stay
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How to Teach a Dog to Stay is a great trick for a dog that tries to jump on everyone. It is best they know at least the SIT command since that will be the position, they STAY in.

In addition to a dog that jumps on people, this is very useful to keep your dog in one place during other tricks.

For example, sometimes we tell our dog to stay and then hide a treat somewhere in the house. She continues to stay when we’re away from her and only searches for the treat when we say “get it.”


Start with your dog in the seated position by giving the “SIT” command. Don’t treat or reward at this point since there is more to come.

In this step, you want your dog to do the normal sit command. The reason you don’t praise or reward is because you don’t want your dog to think they’ve completed their task.


Be close to your dog and raise the palm facing your dog just like a traffic officer telling traffic to stop at the same time you say “STAY.” PRAISE (not reward) them as they sit as instructed.

In this step, you want them to remain seated. But, you verbally say Good Girl, Good Boy only. You do not want to offer the treat because the trick is only partially complete.


After they STAY for 2 – 3 seconds, PRAISE and REWARD them.

This is the final part of the stay trick. You dog is staying for a period of time after you give the stay command.

When they accomplish this, they get the full verbal praise of Good Girl, Good Boy and a tasty treat. They just won the lottery!


Once this works close-up and for 2 – 3 seconds, gradually move further away from your dog, and extend the time to 5 – 10 seconds and beyond. Take small steps and you will be impressed with your progress.

Eventually, you can add a new command at the end How to Teach a Dog to Stay by saying “COME.”

Check out some of our other tricks to teach dogs.

Tell us about your experience below in the comments. We’ve found this trick to be relatively easy for most dogs.

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