How to Teach a Dog to Take It

How to Teach a Dog to Take It
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How to Teach a Dog to Take It is the first part of some additional cool dog tricks. So, get ready for what we have coming next.

Get this mastered and you’ll be golden on the tricks to follow.

One key tip is to use a toy your dog loves, not likes, and it’ll make this trick super easy.


Get your dog excited with a toy they love in your hand. When they grab for it, say “TAKE IT” and PRAISE and REWARD them.

The purpose of this step is to get your dog to go for the toy with mouth. When they do, you want to do two things.

First, you want to associate the “TAKE IT” verbal command with your dog grabbing for the toy.

Next, you want to let them know they did the right thing. You do this by praising with a hearty Good Boy, Good Girl and giving them a tasty treat.


Now your dog takes the toy from your hand and you associate the “TAKE IT” command with taking the toy. Then, set the toy on the ground and say, “TAKE IT.” When they do, PRAISE and REWARD them.

In this step, you are working toward your dog taking the toy from the ground themselves. You are triggering them to do this with the verbal “TAKE IT” command.

As always, when they do it right praise and reward them. Make them know they did something you are happy about. 


Make sure your dog has steps 1 and 2 wired. You will be using this command in the future for some cool stuff.

This step is very easy as you just want to make sure your dog can get a toy in their mouth with the command “TAKE IT.” The main points to this were covered in steps 1 and 2.

It is important to learn take it well because the DROP IT trick and PUT AWAY TOYS trick use this as a starting point.


How to Teach a Dog to Take It is a key dog trick.

Not much more here, make sure your dog understands “TAKE IT” can apply to different toys.

Let us know how your training is progressing with a comment below.

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Steve Larrivee

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