How to Teach a Dog to Wiggle

How to Teach a Dog to Wiggle
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How to Teach a Dog to Wiggle is one of the most vigorous dog tricks.

This is an easy one as your dog does this naturally after, or maybe during, their bath when they shake their body all around and fling water everywhere.

Make sure you have a place that you can get your dog wet and where you will get a little wet as well. Somewhere you normally wash your dog is great.


First, get your dog wet like they’re taking a bath. Thoroughly soak them so they will do the next natural thing which is to shake the water off.

In this step, you are just getting your dog to do their thing. Almost every dog I know will shake and wiggle when they are wet.

This part is easy, so head to step two when you are ready..


When your dog shakes the water off, say “WIGGLE” and PRAISE and REWARD them.

In step 2, you want to do a couple of things.

First, you want to associate the verbal command “WIGGLE” to your dog shaking water off their body.

Then, you want to praise and reward your dog for wiggling so they want to do it some more.


Once you’ve done step 2 enough times, they will associate the WIGGLE command with shaking.

At this point, without wetting them down first, say “WIGGLE”, and when they shake their body, PRAISE and REWARD them.

You are now making the “WIGGLE” command the trigger for your dog shaking. In addition, you are doing this without water on your dog.

You need to praise and reward your dog when they do this right. If you are having trouble with this, head back to step 2. You can also give a treat to your dog whenever they make progress toward the final wiggle action.


How to Teach a Dog to Wiggle will get your dog twisting and shaking. It is definitely the wettest of the tricks to teach your dog.

The transition from the wet WIGGLE to the dry WIGGLE is the big leap here. But, with some time and patience you can get a dry wiggler in a snap.

Challenged or Successful, let us know about it in the comments below.

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