How to Teach a Dog to Yawn

How to Teach a Dog to Yawn
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How to Teach a Dog to Yawn is one of our fun tricks to teach your dog. Your goal is to catch your dog yawning and get them to associate the command “YAWN” with this action.

You need to have treats ready when you catch your dog in the act of yawning.

This could be considered a boring trick, but it is a lot of fun to get your dog to yawn on command.


Have some treats with you often and when you see your dog yawn, give them a REWARD (treat) and say “YAWN” and PRAISE them.

In this step you are trying to catch your dog doing something they do naturally – yawn.

When they yawn, you want to be ready with a quick treat so you can give it to them immediately and then praise.

At that same time, you want to say the verbal command “YAWN.”

Over time, they will begin to associate (connect) the act of yawning to the verbal command.


As your dog gets used to this, start trying to get them to yawn by just sitting there looking at them. At some point they will yawn. Say “YAWN” and PRAISE, REWARD them.


This step further connects the yawn command to the yawn action.

Make sure you give a verbal praise of Good Boy, Good Girl and a nice tasty treat. This will show your dog you liked what they did.


Your dog will start to make the positive association with the command “YAWN,” and the act of yawning, always PRAISE and REWARD success.

The goal of this step is to say the yawn command and have your dog take action. The verbal command is the trigger to the dog’s yawning action.

With a consistent effort on your part, your dog will make the long term connection of the yawn command and yawning.


How to Teach a Dog to Yawn may take a while with some dogs. But, you need to have patience and persistence to make it work.

Keep it up and you will be boring the heck out of your guests.

Let us know how your dog training went in the comments below.

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