How to Teach Dog Sound Asleep

How to Teach Dog Sound Asleep
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How to Teach Dog Sound Asleep is making them pretend to be asleep.

Want your dog to lay down and look sound asleep? Then this trick is for you. Your dog will truly be in the down position for an extended stay. Cool, huh?

The “DOWN” command is a perquisite for this trick.

Get more info how to teach a dog to lay down here.


Give your dog the “DOWN” command, PRAISE and REWARD them. But, in this case, do not release them from this position.

This is the setup step to this trick.

You want your dog laying down on their belly on the ground. 


When your dog stays in this position for 15-20 seconds, say “SOUND ASLEEP,” PRAISE and REWARD them.

Continue extending the time it takes to earn this PRAISE and REWARD.

This step has a couple goals.

First, you want your dog to stay for a long time in the laying down position. When they do this, you want to associate the verbal “SOUND ASLEEP” command to this action.

Next, you want to verbally praise (Good Girl, Good Boy) and reward your dog with a treat for their successes. Extend this time longer over time.


When your dog can consistently do the “SOUND ASLEEP” starting with the “DOWN” command, start by giving just the “SOUND ASLEEP” command and PRAISING and REWARDING successes.

In this 3rd step, you only use the “SOUND ASLEEP” command to trigger your dog to lay down for an extended period of time.

Be patient and your dog will get this.


How to Teach Dog Sound Asleep is one of the mellower dog tricks.

If you need a little help with your dog laying down for an extended period of time, you can introduce the open palm hand signal used in stay command.

How did your training go? Let us know in the comments below.

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