How to Teach Dog to Come

How to Teach Dog to Come
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How to Teach Dog to Come is a really important trick to teach your dog. It could save them from a dangerous situation as well.

You should start teaching this indoors with less distractions. Over time gradually add distractions so you can accomplish this anytime and anywhere.

Really good treats to start with are needed. Be patient with young pups too. It’s better just to say “COME” and not your dog’s name to avoid confusion.

Short, simple commands tend to work best.


Start with your dog distracted or laying down a short distance away (maybe 10 feet) in the house.

The goal of this step is to put your dog in the unaware state. You don’t want them to be in a training mindset at this time.

You are simulating a real life environment where you want them to come to you no matter what they are doing.


Make eye contact and tap your leg or clap and say “COME,” then PRAISE and REWARD them with a great treat when they come to you.

In this step of the trick, you want them to be happy they came to you. You do this with a verbal, Good Boy, Good Girl, and a tasty treat.

The goal is to have you dog associate coming to you when they hear “COME.” 


Continue this as you move further away from your dog and even do this command with them in another room as you advance.

This part of the trick gets your dog to come to you from longer distances. If you are having issues getting to this point, get closer to your dog and/or decrease distractions.


OK, so you’re feeling a little cocky and think you have How to Teach Dog to Come wired? Now, take your act outdoors and do this in the yard. Patience & Practice are key.

I wouldn’t put this in the easy tricks to teach your dog category, but it is one of the most useful. Here’s a link to all our dog tricks.

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