How to Teach Dog to Look Left and Right

How to Teach Dog to Look Left and Right
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How to Teach Dog to Look Left and Right is one of the easy tricks to teach your dog.

The beauty of this trick is that is it two for one. Once you get the left side down, the right side is just the opposite trick.

Learn the dog SIT command first, since your pup needs to start in the seated position.

We will start with your dog learning the trick to the left.


Start with your dog in the seated position by giving the SIT command. Don’t PRAISE or REWARD dog at this point since there is more to come.

In this step, you want your dog to be seated calmly with their head facing forward.

The reason you do not want to give them a verbal praise or reward treat is because they need to do more to earn them.


Stand to the left side of your dog, facing the same direction, say “LEFT” as you move a treat from the front to the left side of their head.

You are doing two things in this step.

First, you are luring your dog with the treat to go from looking straight ahead to looking left.

At the same time, you are associating the verbal “LEFT” command to this action.


When your dog follows the treat to their left side, PRAISE and REWARD them.

In this step, when your dog turns their head to the left to your satisfaction, you want to let them know it was good.

You do this by giving a verbal praise of Good Girl, Good Boy and a tasty treat for reward.


How to Teach Dog to Look Left and Right doesn’t end there.

Over time, you want your dog to move their head to the left with just your verbal “LEFT” command.

If you have trouble with this, go back to step 2 and really lock-in the association with the “LEFT” queue. Keep at it and you will succeed.

So, I’m sure you would have guessed this, but the right trick is just the opposite of left.

There is one thing to make sure of. You want to be on the side of your dog that you want their head to turn when starting this trick.

We’d love to hear your successes and challenges with this trick. Please tell us in the comments section below.

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