How to Teach Dog to Say Yes and No

How to Teach Dog to Say Yes and No
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How to Teach Dog to Say Yes and No is one of the easy tricks to teach your dog.

It’s a pretty simple trick to teach your dog to nod YES. It just takes a little bit of time and you’ll have a YES-dog.

The NO trick is just the opposite direction.

Knowing the SIT command or at least having your dog being able to sit in front of you is a big plus before starting this trick.


Start with your dog in the seated position with you on your knees in front of them. Have a good treat in your hand with it curled in a fist.

This step is the setup for both the yes and no versions of this trick.

You want to be face to face with your dog and have them calmly looking at you. If they are a little excited, you can take them for a walk or to play to burn off some energy.


Slowly move your fist up and down and here’s the tricky part: You can say “YES” or let your up and down fist movement be the only command. Give them the REWARD when they nod yes and PRAISE them.

For the “NO” command, it’s the same thing, just move your hand side to side and say “NO.”

The key is to be consistent and to always praise and reward your dog when they follow directions.


Now, do the up and down motion with your fist further away from your dog to make them nod YES. You may have guessed already, but you use the left to right motion for NO.

You are still giving the verbal “YES” or “NO” commands unless you decided otherwise.

Make sure you verbally praise your dog with Good Boy, Good Girl and give them a tasty treat when they do it right.

In this step, you are moving away from your dog a little so the treat is not right in front of their nose.


How to Teach Dog to Say Yes and No is like getting a buy one get one free trick.

Once your dog can do the YES head nod with you away from them, you can now introduce a question.

Say something like, “Am I a Great Dog Trainer?” Then, make the hand gesture and have your dog agree with a YES head nod. How cool is that?

Fill in the blanks for the NO question and you’re all set.

Let us know how your training went in the comments section below.

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