How to Teach my Dog to Laugh

How to Teach my Dog to Laugh
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How to Teach my Dog to Laugh is one of the most fulfilling dog tricks.

Who’s the happy doggy? Getting your dog to laugh on command is a cool trick that you can use to brighten everyone’s day.

In this trick you’re getting something your dog does on their own and working to get them to do it on command.

So, let’s get laughing…


Find something that makes your dog happy and open their mouth like a laugh. Maybe a toy or near dinner time.

In this step, you identify something that makes your dog happy and even more so, makes them look like they’re laughing.

You need to figure out what it is for your dog, since this will be used in the next steps.


When you can tell just before they laugh, say “LAUGH,” then PRAISE and REWARD them when they do.

This step has a few parts.

First, you are trying to understand what your dog does just before the laugh face you identified in step 1.

Then, you want to associate the “LAUGH” command with this action your dog is taking.

Finally, you want to reinforce the connection of the laugh command and your dog’s action. You do this by giving treats and a hearty praise (Good Girl, Good Boy) when they’re successful.


Now work to have the verbal command, “LAUGH” as the queue for your dog to laugh. Make sure to PRAISE and REWARD them when they do it.

In the last step, you said “LAUGH” when your dog was ready to laugh already.

In this step, you trigger your dog’s laugh with your verbal “LAUGH” command. 

As always, treat and praise great results every time. If you are not seeing results, go back to steps 1 and 2 and keep working on it. With patience and persistence you will succeed.


How to Teach my Dog to Laugh takes some time for many dogs to get. But – yes, yes, you’ve heard it before – time and patience wins.

Tell us how your laugh training went in the comments below.

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