How to Teach Your Dog to Bark

How to Teach Your Dog to Bark
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How to Teach Your Dog to Bark is a decision every dog owner ponders. Many say, “Why would I want my Dog to Bark?” Others say, “Bring it on…”

For the dogs themselves, the BARK command is something some do all the time, but other dogs stay quiet. Either way, this trick is for you to get your dog to BARK on command.

Don’t get too hung up on the loudness of the bark or a slight growl. Over time give more PRAISE the better they do and your dog will rise to the occasion.

This is same as the SPEAK command with use of “BARK” as the verbal command.


Get your dog to bark. You can use the doorbell, mailman or something else that causes your dog to bark.

The purpose of this step is to get your dog to bark in some way. If all you can get is a mini growl, work with it now and try to improve over time.

Once you can get this to happen, it’s time to move onto step 2.


When your dog barks, say “BARK” afterwards. If they only make a small growling noise, then work with that in the beginning.

The goal of this step is to associate the verbal command “BARK” with the action of your dog’s barking. When you say bark every time your dog barks, they will start to get the connection.


Now, once you’ve associated “BARK” with their bark, say “BARK” to trigger their bark. When they do, PRAISE and REWARD them.

In this step, your goal is to make the “BARK” verbal command trigger your dog to bark. 

When successful, you need to give a verbal praise (Good Boy, Good Girl) and a tasty treat for reward. Your dog will begin to understand good things happen when they act on your command.


How to Teach Your Dog to Bark is a pretty straightforward trick. 

For some dogs, this may be easy. Other, quieter, dogs may be a bit of a challenge. Take it slower with them, but don’t give up. They will eventually get the hang of it.

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Tell us about your experience below in the comments section.

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