How to Train Your Dog to Wake Up

How to Train Your Dog to Wake Up
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How to Train Your Dog to Wake Up teaches them to wake YOU up in the morning.

Having your dog wake you up is a really cool trick to try if you want your dog to jump on your bed when the alarm rings. It’s not for everyone, but we’re equal opportunity instructors.

You need to have another person assist you with this one.


Start with your dog lying down on the ground near your bed with a person holding them down. Set alarm to ring in 10-20 seconds, then show your dog you have a treat and get into bed.

In this step, you want your dog on the ground with someone keeping them from jumping up to see you.

You are in bed pretending to be asleep as you would before waking up on a normal day.

You are preparing the training with the alarm clock set for enough time to setup everything.


As soon as the alarm sounds, have your assistant let them go and encourage them to jump onto the bed for the treat.

This step uses the alarm as the “trigger” in place of a verbal command with many of our other tricks.

When the alarm rings, you assistant releases the dog and may or may not need to give your dog a little push toward you in the bed.

If your dog needs a little more encouragement, have a treat that they love visible in the bed next to you.


When your dog jumps on the bed, give them the treat, then PRAISE and REWARD them.

This is the positive reinforcement to your dog and lets them know they did something right.

A verbal praise of Good Girl, Good Boy and a tasty treat for reward will keep your dog motivated as the learn more.


How to Train Your Dog to Wake Up is one of the more useful dog tricks.

You can evolve this trick so your dog has to truly wake you up to get the treat, or make them go under the covers to find you.

We’d love to hear how your training went. Please drop a comment below and tell us of your success, challenges and maybe a funny thing or two…

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Steve Larrivee

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