Teach a Dog the Quiet Command

Teach a Dog the Quiet Command
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Teach a Dog the Quiet Command could also be called How to Teach your Dog Not to Bark.

But, to get your dog to be QUIET on command, you should first get them to SPEAK on command. If you have a quiet dog, they may need no instruction at all.

So, to start with go check out the SPEAK on command trick. Some of your dogs may be experts in this already. In fact, they may need no instruction.


Use the “SPEAK” command to get your dog to bark.

Again, from above, you want your dog to bark or at least make a little noise. You can’t teach them to be quiet if they don’t bark.

It makes learning this trick much easier if your dog can bark on command.


When your dog stops barking, for a few seconds, say “QUIET” in a firm, but not too loud voice. Then, PRAISE and REWARD them.

The goal of this step is to begin to get your dog to recognize you are saying something when they stop barking.

Secondarily, you are beginning the association of the “QUIET” command to their action of stopping as well.


Now, once you’ve associated “QUIET” to when they stop barking, say “QUIET” to stop them when they are barking. When they do, always PRAISE and REWARD them.

This will absolutely be your toughest step. While your dog may be aware you said, “quiet” after they stopped barking, you are changing it to teach your dog not to bark.

You need to give this some time. If you feel you’re moving backwards, go back to step 2 or even step 1 and start again.


This may take a lot of patience with some dogs, but with time, patience and consistency they’ll be quiet before you know it.

How to Teach a Dog the Quiet Command is one of the more difficult, but rewarding tricks for your dog.

Please feel free to tell of your experiences below. We’ll take the good, bad and the ugly…

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Steve Larrivee

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