Teach a Dog to Get Their Leash

Teach a Dog to Get Their Leash
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How to Teach a Dog to Get Their Leash is in our top tricks to teach your dog category.

So, your dog wants to go for a walk? Why not make them go get their leash for you? They have a big incentive and this is an easy trick to teach.

Make sure they will have access to the leash and it is not attached to a hook or something else that prevents them from bringing it.


With the leash on the ground, whenever your dog moves toward it or touches it, PRAISE and REWARD them. Continue until they have this down.

This step gets your dog to get accustomed to going to the leash. It’s like playing hot and cold, where you eventually understand where you need to go by following the hotter commands.

The verbal Good Boy, Good Girl praise and the tasty treat reward are the incentives for your dog to get close to the leash.


Once Step 1 is complete, put the leash in their face and make them smell it and PRAISE and REWARD them. Then, toss the leash a foot or so from you on the ground and say “GET LEASH.”

In this step, you take step one to the next level. Now, you want your dog to go and get the leash and put it in their mouth.

As you move forward, you want to encourage your dog with the treats and praise as they make progress.


Once they get the leash on the ground, they don’t get the treat REWARD unless they come back to you with the leash. Be excited, have a treat in hand and PRAISE and REWARD them when they do.

Step 3 makes them work a little harder for the praise and reward. This time, your dog needs to get the leash and bring it back before you give them anything.

Make sure you hold out before giving them the treat. This is where you really nailing down the action you want your dog to take.


Gradually increase the distance from the leash. As an added bonus, take your dog for a walk after they GET LEASH for you – what a REWARD!

How to Teach a Dog to Get Their Leash is a lot of fun for your dog. Do this regularly and you will have one happy pup.

Tell us of your dog training adventure in the comments section below.

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