Teach a Dog to Make Friends

Teach a Dog to Make Friends
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How to Teach a Dog to Make Friends is a sweet trick to teach your dog.

Having your dog greet your friends by calmly putting their chin on their lap is one of our nicest dog tricks. Read on.

Make sure your dog is calm with the person and situation first. It is best to do this with someone your dog is familiar with already.


Have an assistant sit or kneel down with a treat in their hand on top of their thigh, but don’t let your dog go to them yet.

This step is the setup. You want to have the person seated in a chair or on the floor if you have a small dog. They are not to call attention to themselves at this time.


Now, say, the “MAKE FRIENDS” command and have your assistant show the treat and let your dog walk over to them, but do not give them the treat yet.

In this step, you want to associate your dog going toward your assistant with the “MAKE FRIENDS” verbal command.

The treat your friend shows your dog will certainly get them to go in their direction. You just need to make the connection with the command.


When your dog lays their head on your assistant’s lap next to the treat, say “MAKE FRIENDS” then, PRAISE and REWARD them.

The idea of this step is to get your dog to go to your friend and put their head on their lap.

You have two goals as well.

First, you want to associate putting their head on their lap to the “MAKE FRIENDS” verbal command.

Next, you want to verbally praise (Good Boy, Good Girl) and give a reward treat to your dog for success. This will keep them coming back for more… 


How to Teach a Dog to Make Friends is a cute trick to teach your dog.

The ultimate goal is to get your dog to go to a person and put their head in the persons lap with just the “MAKE FRIENDS” command and maybe pointing to who you want them to go to.

Tell us of your training adventure in the comments below.

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