Teach a Dog to Open a Door

Teach a Dog to Open a Door
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Teach a Dog to Open a Door is an awesome trick that will impress your buddies and maybe even get you a cold beverage someday.

This is one of the fun dog tricks that doesn’t need too much expertise to start. Your dog will need to be big enough to pull the door open though.


Tie a rope or strap onto the handle of the kitchen cabinet or refrigerator door. Get your dog excited to pull on this rope or strap.

In this step, you want to give your dog something to pull on – if needed – to open the door.

Next, you want to encourage them to pull on the rope or strap. Be creative based on the door you want your dog to open.


When your dog pulls on the strap, say “OPEN,” PRAISE and REWARD them. Make it a little harder to earn their treat each time, so they are actually opening the door.

The goal of this step is twofold.

First, you want your dog to associate the “OPEN” verbal command with the act of pulling on the rope or cord on the door.

Next, you want give them positive reinforcement for performing to your expectations. You do this by giving verbal praise of Good Girl, Good Boy and a reward of a tasty treat.


As you continue on this method, you should just say “OPEN” and your dog should go to the strap and pull on it which opens the door.

In step two, you associated “OPEN” with opening the door. This step puts that association to good use and moves the “OPEN” command to trigger your dog to open the door.

If you are having trouble here, go back and really nail down step 2. Be patient and consistent and your dog will get there in no time.


Use the “OPEN” command from further away and let your dog work their magic. Use your imagination on the possibilities.

Teach a Dog to Open a Door should be followed by the How to Teach a Dog to Close a Door trick.

Let us know how your dog training experience went in the comments below.

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Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

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