Teach a Dog to Pick Up Keys

Teach a Dog to Pick Up Keys
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How to Teach a Dog to Pick Up Keys is a favorite of our tricks to teach dogs.

Need to go somewhere? Get your dog to pick up the keys and give them to you. They’ll have a great time and you’ll get your keys.

Get an old set of keys ready and the “TAKE IT” and “DROP IT” commands may come in handy as they’re learning.

You can get more information on the how to teach dog to take it and how to teach a dog to drop it here.


Hold the keys in front of your dog and have them play with them, PRAISE and REWARD your dog. Say “PICK UP KEYS”

In this step, you are getting your dog comfortable with the keys and associating the “PICK UP KEYS” verbal command.

When your dog plays with the keys, give them a verbal praise (Good Girl, Good Boy) and a reward of a tasty treat.


Now place the keys on the floor, say “PICK UP KEYS” and have your dog get the keys in their mouth. PRAISE and REWARD successes.

The goal of this step is to get your dog to go to the keys with the “PICK UP KEYS” verbal command.

As always, praise and reward them when they do it right. When you are early in the training, you may might want to cut them a little slack.

Over time, you want to make it progressively more difficult to earn the praise and treat.


Now move the keys further away. Say “PICK UP KEYS” and PRAISE and REWARD them when they do.

For this step, you are just expanding the distance of the trick. Same expectations, just further away.

If you start having problems at this step, get closer as in the earlier steps until they are ready to move forward.


Gradually increase the distance from the keys. You can do this for as far as is practical for you.

How to Teach a Dog to Pick Up Keys is a fun trick that every dog can learn. We wish you the best in your dog training.

Drop a comment below to let us know of your successes and challenges.

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