Teach a Dog to Potty on Command

Teach a Dog to Potty on Command
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To Teach a Dog to Potty on Command is on the top of most people’s useful dog tricks.

Would making your dog go potty on command be useful? If waiting on your dog just isn’t an option. This command will help.

The key here is to associate a command to something your dog does in their normal day.

Let’s get on with it…


Over several weeks, every time your dog is outside and starts to do their business, say, “POTTY TIME.” Only say it once each time – PRAISE and REWARD your dog.

This is the beginning of the association process. You get your dog to connect doing their business with the verbal queue “POTTY TIME” or whatever term you choose.

You give your dog a positive reinforcement of a verbal praise (Good Boy, Good Girl) and a tasty treat reward whenever they do this.


Once you’ve done step 1 for two to three weeks, now say, “POTTY TIME” before your dog does their business. PRAISE and REWARD them when they go on command.

In this step, you are changing the timing of the “POTTY TIME” verbal queue to before your dog goes potty.

You want the verbal command to trigger your dog to potty. If the connection you made in step 1 was solid, you will see results.

As always, praise and reward your dog’s successful behavior.


Continue this process until you have your dog going potty after you say, “POTTY TIME.”

This is generally not an instant gratification trick. It may take several weeks since your dog only has so much “business” to do each day. This limits your training opportunities.

But with time, persistence and a positive attitude, you will be happy with your outcome.


How to Teach a Dog to Potty on Command will save you time and aggravation. Stick with it and you will have it wired in no time.

Remember, this is a natural function of your dog and they may not need to go or may need to walk or move around a little before they are able to.

Let us know of your experiences, successful or challenging, in the comments section below.

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Steve Larrivee

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