Teach Dog to Fetch TV Remote

Teach Dog to Fetch TV Remote
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How to Teach Dog to Fetch TV Remote tops the list of cool dog tricks.

Comfy in your chair and don’t want to get up? Well, let your dog bring the remote control to you.

Your call on the remote control. I’d hate to see your dog bite the expensive remote into pieces. “TAKE IT” and “DROP IT” are a couple tricks you should learn first.

You can get more information how to teach a dog to take it and how to teach a dog to drop it here.


With the Remote Control in hand, place it in your dog’s mouth and say, “TAKE IT” – PRAISE and REWARD every success.

In this step, you want your dog to associate getting the control in their mouth with the “TAKE IT” verbal command.

Every time they do it successfully you wan them to know it. Do this by verbally praising (Good Boy, Good Girl) and rewarding them with a good treat.


Once step 1 is complete, put the Remote in their face and make them smell it and PRAISE and REWARD them. Then, set the Remote a couple feet from you on the ground and say “REMOTE.”

In this step, you want your dog to get the association (connection) that this thing is called a REMOTE. Do this several times and make sure to praise and reward your dog when they are paying attention.


Now you say the command “REMOTE” and expect your dog to get the Remote Control. They don’t get the treat REWARD unless they come back to you with it.

Be excited, have a treat in hand and PRAISE and REWARD them when they do. Say “DROP IT” if needed.

This step takes the recognition of REMOTE from step 2 and uses it to trigger your dog to go to the remote.

You also want them to bring the remote back to you, so that is what the treats in your hand are for. They will act as an incentive to bring it back to you.

Recognize progress and only give up the treat when your dog performs to your satisfaction.


Gradually increase the distance of the Remote. Eventually, put your remote in its normal location and get your dog to fetch it with just the “REMOTE” command.

How to Teach Dog to Fetch TV Remote has a few steps, but it is not too difficult. It is something every dog and owner can accomplish.

Drop a comment below to let us know of your experience.

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