Teach Dog to Go Left or Right

Teach Dog to Go Left or Right
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Teach Dog to Go Left or Right gets your dog to walk to the left or right of their current position. We’ll start with the “LEFT” but just reverse the training for “RIGHT”.

Learn the “SIT” command first, since we’ll start in the seated position.

Now, let’s get onto it…


Start with your dog in the seated position by giving the SIT command. Place a plastic cup with a treat underneath on their left side about 3 feet away.

In this step, we are setting up the trick by getting you dog in a set position. We’re also placing the incentive of a treat under a cup a few feet away.

Once you have this done, we move onto step 2.


Now, point to the cup on your dog’s left and say “GO LEFT”. The dog should be motivated because they saw you put a treat underneath the cup. PRAISE and REWARD your pup when they do.

The goal of this step is twofold.

First, you want your dog to go in the direction you put the cup – left in the case. At the same time, you are associating the “GO LEFT” verbal command with this action.

Next, you want to give your dog positive reinforcement IF they do the right action. This is so they are encouraged to keep doing what you ask.

This positive reinforcement is in the form of a verbal praise (Good Girl, Good Boy) and a tasty treat.


Once your dog has the left down do the same thing with a cup on the right and say “GO RIGHT,” and PRAISE and REWARD successes.

Not too much to this step once you have one direction down, you teach the other direction with the other command – “RIGHT.”


Move the cups further away over time and eventually remove them once your dog has it under wraps. Then you know you have another one of the dog tricks perfected.

How to Teach Dog to Go Left or Right is a straightforward trick to teach. Your pup should be able to do this after a few sessions.

Please let us know about your training successes and challenges in the comments below.

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Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

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