Teach Dog to Go to a Place

Teach Dog to Go to a Place
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Teach Dog to Go to a Place is a handy trick to get your dog out of the way of someone working in your home or when you have guests.

Pick somewhere you want the dog to go and create a command. For example, “BED” or “CORNER.” We’ll use “CORNER” for this trick.


With treats in hand a few feet from the place you want your dog to go, say “CORNER” and walk with the treat to the corner. Repeat the command “CORNER” so they know where this is.

In this step, you are establishing what you want your dog to do. You want them to go to the corner so you walk there.

In addition, you are associating the verbal command “CORNER” with this action. Obviously, it makes sense to use the right command: bed, chair, etc.


The first time you get to the spot, give your dog the treat, PRAISE and REWARD them. Repeat several times.

This is the step that reinforces your dog’s actions. When they successfully go to the place, they get a praise of Good Boy, Good Girl and a Reward of a tasty treat.

The more you do this, the more you dog will understand.


Now, say “CORNER” and point to the spot and your dog should move to the corner. When they do, PRAISE and REWARD them. If not, go back to earlier steps.

This is where it all comes together. Instead of saying the “CORNER” command after your dog goes to the corner, you are changing it to trigger your dog’s action.

You now want your dog to hear the command then go to the place you selected. Sometimes pointing in the direction of the place will help in the transition to only using the verbal command.


To advance this Teach Dog to Go to a Place trick, have someone create a distraction.

They can ring the doorbell, knock on the door or some other noise while you give the “CORNER” command.

This is one of the most useful dog tricks.

Let us know how your training went in the comments below.

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Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

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