Teach Dog to Jump Over Someone

Teach Dog to Jump Over Someone
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To Teach Dog to Jump Over Someone is one of the cooler dog tricks to learn.

What better thing to do at your next cookout than have your dog jump over your buddy or a new neighbor?

Your dog should be able to SIT/STAY and your human should be trainable as well (ha, ha). This builds off the JUMP command, the human is just taking the place of the bar.

For reference, here are the tricks you should have already learned:

First, How to Teach a Dog to Sit

Then, How to Teach a Dog to Stay

And, How to Teach a Dog to Jump


Start this trick where the JUMP command ended. A stick between two chairs or stools at about 2 feet off the ground. Have your dog jump a few times. Say, “JUMP,” PRAISE and REWARD.

In this step you are getting your dog to do the jump command they learned in the earlier trick.

You want them to do the jump a few times. You want the height be a little higher than a person on all fours.


Now insert human. Have the person get on all fours on the ground with their back straight.

Place stick on top of the person’s back and give the same “JUMP” command. PRAISE and REWARD when done right.

The goal of this step is to have a human on all fours join the stick your dog has been jumping.

Now they understand they are jumping the stick and a human each time.

Always, give a hearty praise (Good Girl, Good Boy) and a favorite treat to your dog when they do it right.


Now, remove the stick from the person’s back and say “JUMP.” When your dog does this, party time – PRAISE, REWARD, party.

You have reached the final step of this trick. It really is as simple as removing the stick and having your dog jump the person.

If your dog is not getting it, go back and learn the earlier tricks and steps better before moving on.

You can get this. It just takes a little while sometimes.


Teach Dog to Jump Over Someone is a fun trick. I think you and your dog will enjoy this.

If your dog is having an issue with jumping over a person, then you could have the person lay flat on the ground or lift up slightly to make the JUMP less intimidating.

Please tell us of your experience below in the comments.

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Steve Larrivee

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