Teach Dog to Put Away Toys

Teach Dog to Put Away Toys
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Teach Dog to Put Away Toys is a way to get your dog to clean up after themselves. Why do all the heavy lifting when your dog will be happy to do it for you – once you train them of course.

This trick requires the “TAKE IT” and “DROP IT” commands to be understood by your dog. So, if you haven’t wired those, go back and get them done.

Here are the links how to teach a dog to take it and how to teach a dog to drop it.

Now, let’s get started…


Give your dog the “TAKE IT” command and when they get the toy in their mouth, this time, don’t PRAISE or REWARD your dog.

The purpose to this trick is to get your dog to put a toy in their mouth. This may be very simple for you depending on your dog.

If you use the take it command, you do not want to give a verbal praise (Good Boy, Good Girl) or treat at this time. You want your dog to understand there is more expected from them.


Now, lead them with a treat to the box or wherever you store their toys. When they get there say “DROP IT” and have them drop it in the box. PRAISE and REWARD them.

In this step, you are having your dog complete one cycle of the put away toys trick. They picked up a toy with “take it” and are putting it away with “drop it.”

When they get this, verbally praise them and give them a tasty, well deserved treat.


When steps 1 and 2 are nailed down and your dog is consistent, introduce more toys with the same TAKE IT, DROP IT sequence.

Then, start saying “PUT TOYS AWAY” and motion for your dog to do the take it/drop it sequence. Give the praise and reward once your dog completes one cycle (take it & drop it).

This step puts is all together. Instead of two separate tricks, you are moving to a single “PUT AWAY TOYS” command. It will take some work to get there, but you can do this.


Teach Dog to Put Away Toys is a very entertaining trick and it gets your dog to chip in on the household chores. 

You may need to continue with the take/drop commands as they nail this down. But, over time with consistent practice your dog will clean up alone.

It is definitely on our list of cool tricks to teach your dog.

It would be great to hear about your experiences below. Pease drop a comment to let us know…

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