Teach Dog to Wave

Teach Dog to Wave
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Teach Dog to Wave is a trick that builds off earlier tricks. For the WAVE trick, it’s best that your dog has already learned the shake command.

Learn the SHAKE command first, as this trick starts there.

Now, let’s get onto the wave trick…


Start with your dog in the seated position and give the SHAKE command. Don’t treat or reward at this point since there is more to come.

This step is focused on getting your dog to do an earlier trick you learned. They are putting out their paw to get a shake, but you’re not giving them the treat just yet.

Now, your dog is wondering, What’s next? What do I have to do for that treat?


When your dog reaches to shake your hand, move your hand up higher than normal and make them reach up as if they were waving.

This is the extra effort you want your dog to take. You want them to move their paw up to head height as if they are waving.


When they move their paw above their head, say “WAVE” then PRAISE and REWARD.

Here’s the multi part step.

First, you want to say verbal command “WAVE” when they successfully lift their paw up where you want it. This associates the verbal command with the action of waving.

Next, you want to praise them with a Good Boy, Good Girl and give them a well deserved treat. This reinforces the action they just took and your dog will be looking forward to doing it again.


Teach Dog to Wave is not done yet.

You want to remove the SHAKE verbal command over time. So, your dog responds to shake at a lower level and the “WAVE” command with their paw above their head.

Get this trick under your belt and you’ll be on your way to a trick dog.

Let us hear from you in the comments section below so we can see how your training sessions are going.

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Steve Larrivee

Steve Larrivee

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