Teach Dog to Wipe Its Own Paws

Teach Dog to Wipe Its Own Paws
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How to Teach Dog to Wipe Its Own Paws is a fun trick that has your dog wiping their feet on command.

It is quite impressive for your friends to see and just might keep your house cleaner.

This is a pretty straightforward trick and can be learned in no time.

Let’s get started to a cleaner household…


Get some of your dog’s favorite treats and place them on the floor, then cover them with a towel or entry mat. Make sure they see you and encourage them to try to get treats without lifting the towel.

In this step you want your dog to see you put a really tasty treat under the rug or towel. You wan them to know it is there and be anxious to get to it.


When your dog goes to the towel and tries to get the treats underneath by wiping at the towel, Say “WIPE PAWS,” then PRAISE and REWARD them.

In this step you are doing a couple of things.

First, you are associating the “WIPE PAWS” verbal command with you dogs wiping action. This makes the connection to the command and will be put to good use later.

Then, when your dog does the proper wiping you want, you congratulate them. You do this with a hearty verbal praise (Good Girl, Good Boy) and a tasty treat for reward.


Once they get the association of the “WIPE PAWS” command with wiping at the towel, get them to do it with just the verbal queue, “WIPE PAWS” and PRAISE and REWARD successes.

The goal of this step is to get get your dog to wipe their paws by ONLY saying the “WIPE PAWS” command. 

The wipe paws command triggers your dog into the wiping action. You only praise and reward successful wipes so your dog knows what you want.

Keep working at it. If you’re having trouble on this step, go back to step 2 and work until your dog has it wired.


How to Teach Dog to Wipe Its Own Paws is one of the useful and fun tricks to teach you dog.

Depending on your dog, this could take no time at all. With persistence, consistency and a little effort your dog will get this too.

Tell us of you experience with this trick below in the comments.

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