Teach Your Dog to Act Ashamed

Teach Your Dog to Act Ashamed
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How to Teach Your Dog to Act Ashamed is a neat trick to get your dog to act like they are guilty of something.

We’ll start from the down position, so the “DOWN” trick is a prerequisite.

You can get info how to teach a dog to lay down here.


Give your dog the “DOWN” command and when they’re in the down position, place a small sticker or piece of tape on the bridge of their nose.

This step is the setup for training the trick.

First, your dog goes into the down position by giving the down command taught in the link above.

Next, you put a small piece of tape or paper on the bridge of your dog’s nose. This is meant to be annoying so that they want to get it off. Remember, patience pays dividends.


Your dog will naturally paw at the sticker to get it off and appear to be covering their face in shame.

When they do this say, “ASHAMED?” or some other queue of your choice. PRAISE and REWARD successes.

There are two goals of this step.

First, you want your dog’s action of their paw on the bridge of their nose to associate to the “ASHAMED” verbal command.

Next, you want to thoroughly praise (Good Boy, Good Girl) and reward success with a tasty treat. You want your dog to be excited to do this for you again.


Once you can do step 2, now it’s time to go without the tape. Say, “ASHAMED?” without the tape on your dog’s nose. When they can do it, PRAISE and REWARD them. If not, back to more step 2.

This step finalizes the trick so you don’t use the tape or paper prop on their nose.

If you did the heavy lifting in step 2, this step will be easy.

Make sure you praise and reward your dog for doing a good job.


How to Teach Your Dog to Act Ashamed is high on our list of tricks to teach dogs.

Do this from a further distance away and you could also work in a hand signal instead of a verbal command.

Tell us how you did in the comments below…

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