Teach Your Dog to Bring Slippers

Teach Your Dog to Bring Slippers
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To Teach Your Dog to Bring Slippers is great for those lazy mornings or evenings when you need a little help.

Feeling like a relaxing evening? Why not have your dog bring your slippers to you? There’s no need to get up once you teach them this trick.

The “DROP IT” command can be helpful if you have a pup that doesn’t want to give up the slippers.

You can get instructions how to teach a dog to drop it here.


Set your slippers on the ground, whenever your dog moves toward it or touches it, PRAISE and REWARD them. Continue until they have this down.

In this step, you are doing two things.

First, you are encouraging your dog to get closer to the slippers. Think of it like the hot and cold game where you get to the item by following the warmer, hotter commands.

Next, you want to praise and reward good behavior. When you dog goes in the direction you want them to, good things happen. A verbal praise (Dog Boy, Good Girl) and tasty treat reward are your two tools to use.


Once step 1 complete, put the slippers in their face and make them smell them and PRAISE and REWARD them. Then, set the slippers a foot or so from you on the ground and say “BRING SLIPPERS.”

In step 2, your objectives expand.

Now, you want your dog to understand the “BRING SLIPPERS” verbal command is related to the slippers. You want them excited to go get them.

To motivate your dog, you praise and reward them when they make progress toward their goal of getting the slippers.


Once they get the slippers, they don’t get the treat REWARD unless they come back to you with them. Be excited, have a treat in hand and PRAISE and REWARD them when they do.

Step 3 asks more from your dog.

You want them to come back to you with the slippers or they don’t get the praise or reward. 

Give it a little time, patience and consistency and they will get it wired.


How to Teach Your Dog to Bring Slippers is one of the great dog tricks.

Gradually increase the distance from the slippers. You can also add in the “DROP IT” command at the end if they don’t want to give up your slippers.

We’d love to hear about your training experience in the comments below.

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Steve Larrivee

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