Teach Your Dog to Limp

Teach Your Dog to Limp
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To Teach Your Dog to Limp can be a fun trick, but it might take a little while to perfect.

Shake should be conquered before starting the limp trick.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to teach a dog to shake.


Start with your dog seated and give them the “SHAKE” command.

In this step you are starting in the last position of the shake trick. You dog is seated and has one paw in the air in front of them for you to shake.

Once you can get your dog in this position, your ready for Step 2.


Now with your dog standing, Say, “SHAKE,” and get them to do it while continuing to stand on all fours. PRAISE and REWARD successes.

In this step, you want you dog to stay standing while putting one paw in the air to shake.

It is important you get this step wired and make sure you praise and reward your dog for every time they get it right.


While lightly holding your dog’s paw up, add in forward movement. Be gentle and take it a step at a time. Say, “LIMP,” PRAISE and REWARD them.

This step ties it all together. You are moving your dog forward in the standing shake position. At the same time, you are saying the verbal “LIMP” command.

This gets your dog to associate “limping” to the limp verbal command.

When they do it successfully, make sure to praise and reward them with a treat so they want to do this more.


How to Teach Your Dog to Limp is one of the cool novelty dog tricks.

As your dog gets this, work to just say, “LIMP” for them to do this trick. Only reward when they make progress and you will get there in no time.

Feel free to tell us of your successes and challenges in the comments below…

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