Teach Your Dog to Wait for Food

Teach Your Dog to Wait for Food
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Teach Your Dog to Wait for Food is a useful trick to teach your dog as it will be used every single day.

WAIT teaches your dog to stay in one place and not go running after something it wants. It is useful when a dog leaves a crate, is getting their bowl filled for dinner or is ready to blast off on a walk.

Be patient and you’ll have your dog waiting like a champ in no time at all.


Use something your dog normally runs toward, like a food bowl we’ll use in this example.

This step is for you to decide what you will use that your dog doesn’t wait for now. You want something really good.


Now say “WAIT” and make your dog stay still. When they do this, give them PRAISE and REWARD them with a treat. You can use the “OK” command to let your dog eat.

In this step, you make sure your dog doesn’t go for the food. You can restrain them if necessary.

You are also associating the verbal “WAIT” command with the act of being still when there is something they want in front of them.

In this step, if your dog waits a couple seconds, give a verbal praise of Good Boy, Good Girl and a treat. Then, let them get the food.


Now, make your dog wait more time when you do this. You can also move further away. Make sure you are patient and consistent.

This step extends the amount of time you are asking your dog to wait before allowing them to get the food.

In addition, you should move away and not be restraining your dog at this point.


Teach Your Dog to Wait for Food is one of the best tricks to teach dogs.

Once you start the WAIT command, your dog cannot be allowed to do whatever they want sometimes and other times you make a big thing of waiting. Be consistent and you’ll have your dog waiting soon.

Please let us know your dog training experience in the comments below.

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Steve Larrivee

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