The Best Ways to Potty Train a Dog Now

How to Potty Train a Dog
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All dog owners have a need to potty train a dog or puppy at some point in their lives. As time goes on, potty training methods come and go, but the good ones stay at the top. I decided to make this post to highlight some of the best ways to date to potty train your dog.

Most successful methods include these steps:

  • Setting a small space for your dog to start with
  • Slowly getting your dog comfortable with the whole house
  • Giving your dog more and more responsibility as time goes on

We will dive into each method below individually in a brand new blog post in the coming days as well. So, make sure to keep checking back and we will update this page when new content is released.

The paper training method is one of the best ways to potty train your dog. As a quick overview, here are some of the steps you will take to Paper Train Your Dog:

  • Set them up in a small area that they will call their own
  • Cover this area in potty pads or newspaper
  • Watch your dog carefully – find out where they go to the bathroom on the papers
  • Slowly pick up papers furthest from where they go potty all the time and work your way in until only a few papers are left
  • Eventually, you can take up all the papers
How to Potty Train a Dog

We will cover each of these steps in a new post in the next couple of days. However, this basic overview is exactly the process you will follow for the paper potty training method.

UPDATE: See the post, “Dog Paper Training – Successful Owner Secrets Revealed”.

2. The Crate Potty Training Method

Although the crate potty training method is a little bit different than the paper method, it still has a lot of the same basic steps. In the intro to this post, I talked about the big picture of giving your dog a small space and then working up to the whole house. Well, there really isn’t a smaller place to start from than a dog crate.

Here are the steps you’ll take with your dog:

  • Set them up in their small space (in this case their crate)
  • Cover this area in potty pads or newspaper (sometimes accidents happen)
  • If your dog is going to the bathroom in their crate, you’re not taking them out enough
  • Make sure you give your dog enough time outside of their crate to get comfortable with the rest of the house
  • Eventually, you will be able to leave your dog outside of the crate all by themselves throughout the whole house

Now, I understand that these steps are incomplete, but we will dig into each one in the next few days as we release the next posts in this potty training series. We will keep this page updated so stay tuned!

3. Bonus: Diet, Schedule, Regular Exercise and Positive Reinforcement

Because we wanted to keep it simple, I bundled all of these four methods together. Each one compliments the other and will make paper training or crate training a lot easier for you.

As we break each of these strategies down in future posts, you will start to understand how they all fit together. Also, you will see how something as different as when you feed your dog actually has a lot to do with successful potty training.

Below are the basic concepts of this last bonus method for potty training a dog:

  1. Feeding Schedule and Regular Diet
    • This will help you schedule your potty times after a big meal when your dog is more likely to have to “go”
  2. Potty Schedule
    • Keep Your Potty Times Consistent so that your dog can get used to going out regularly
  3. Regular Exercise
    • Not only will you be able to immediately see the health benefits that your dog will gain from this (and if you’re doing the exercise with them, the health benefits that you will gain as well), but you will be able to schedule your potty times around times that your dog is more active which is a huge plus
  4. Positive Reinforcement

Just like in our previous methods, we plan on updating this page regularly with new posts that go into more detail on each of these four bonus dog potty training strategies.

Final Thoughts on How to Potty Train a Dog

In ever post, we like to leave you all with some final thoughts that we have on the topic. For this post on the Best Ways to Potty Train a Dog, or a puppy for that matter, I think it’s important to let you know that no matter which method you pick to train your dog, you need to remember a few things:

  • Stay positive and celebrate small steps in the right direction
  • NEVER yell at your dog for going potty in the house (this is a HUGE no-no)
  • Stay consistent with your training


We understand that it can be really hard to follow all of the steps that we laid out in this post while also following these final thoughts too. Because of that, we added a next steps section below that should help out.

Next Steps in Potty Training a Dog

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Until then, I’d love to hear about what your biggest question about puppy potty training is! Please either send me an email or leave a comment below! I’ll be happy to get back to your question directly, in a future post or even in a brand new video! Thanks for reading and make sure to come back to this page periodically to see all of the new updates that we will add here for you all.

Kevin Larrivee

Kevin Larrivee

Kevin is a life-long dog lover who loves sharing his dog training experience with others. Kevin finds the most excitement in answering questions that average dog owners have, especially if he doesn't know the answer! Continuous learning is what it is all about!

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