What Is the Best Age to Start Dog Potty Bell Training?

What Is the Best Age to Start Dog Potty Bell Training
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So, you’re ready to get your dog to ring a set of bells before they go potty. First off, that’s awesome! Congratulations on choosing one of the best methods to get your dog to let you know when they need to “go”. Of course, your question is, “What is the Best Age to Start Dog Potty Bell Training?”

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Anyways, to answer this question, it’s important to understand a few things first. Now, the short answer is any age is okay. Actually, you can train a brand new puppy or an older dog with the same method! And, we actually have a free eBook that you can click here to download that will take you through each of the steps.

What is the Best Age to Start Dog Potty Bell Training…Really?

So, now for the long answer. If your dog is older, check out our previous post titled, “Will Potty Bells Work for My Older Dog?”

Now, if you have a younger puppy, I am going to quickly tell you the three steps to train them using the bells. Here are the basic steps for getting any dog to ring the doggie bells.

  • Get them comfortable with the bells
  • Make them ring the bells on your arm or on the doorknob (How they ring the bells is not that important as long as it’s a way that you’re okay with. You can check out our post titled, “How Do Dogs Ring the Bells? Nose or Paw?”
  • Teach your dog to only ring the bells when they need to go potty

Anyways, these steps are important for you to see. Why? Because, you’re probably going to be able to accomplish all three relatively quickly no matter what age your dog is.

However, the difference is that younger dogs, unlike older dogs, might not be fully potty trained or house trained yet. Also, they might not have full control of their bladders. Actually, a way to help with that is to set a potty schedule which you can download for free by clicking here.

Eliminate Unwanted Dog Odors

So, now your dog is ringing the bells and letting you know that they need to go out. But, they might still have some accidents in the house and that’s to be expected. I would take a look at our post titled, “The Best Ways to Potty Train a Dog Now” for help with house training your pup.

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I love getting questions from you all so that I know I am helping someone with the information that I’m putting out. Let me know in the comment sections below or by email what your biggest questions are when it comes to potty training your dog or puppy! I’ll get back to you in the comments or with another post. I can’t wait to read through them all!

Kevin Larrivee

Kevin Larrivee

Kevin is a life-long dog lover who loves sharing his dog training experience with others. Kevin finds the most excitement in answering questions that average dog owners have, especially if he doesn't know the answer! Continuous learning is what it is all about!

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