Why Does My Dog Bark?

Dog Barking
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To be able to stop your dog’s excessive barking, you first need to know WHY your dog barks.

We’re going to break down the Top 3 Reasons that dogs bark. This will help you get an idea for where to start your bark training.

If your reason isn’t listed or you want more information on a specific issue that you may be having with your dog, please comment below!

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The first reason that a dog may bark, is because it has some sort of motivation to do so. The most common motivations are listed below:

  • Attention
  • General Dopamine
  • Passerby Is Passing

These are typical reasons that your dog might bark. By now, some of you might even be able to pinpoint the exact reason that your dog is barking. This will help you set up a successful strategy to get your dog to stop barking. If you don’t understand the root cause of the barking, you might end up using training that works for stopping one barking problem but not the one you have!

In the days that come, we will be discussing the strategies to tackle each reason for excessive barking and give some tips that always help, no matter the reason! Stay tuned and we will keep this post up to date!

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As humans, it can be hard for us to relate with dogs because we speak a different language. Your dog might not be speaking French or German or Spanish but they are speaking in their own kind of language.

Just like humans, dog’s want and sometimes need to communicate! Many excessive barking issues are cases of vocal communication barking. These are easier than you might think to work with! Many times easier than working with cases of excessive verbal communication in humans LOL.

Here are some things that your dog may be trying to tell you:
  • They Need to Go to the Bathroom
  • That They’re Greeting someone
  • They’re Alerting You of Something
  • They Want Some Love: They’re Bored or Lonely


Just by looking at these reasons, you may be able to guess the answer to “why does my dog bark?” If one of these reasons above is the reason that your dog is barking, you can try to help them with what they’re trying to tell you. Again, in the days that come, we will take a deep dive into all of these topics and will update this post as we release new content.

UPDATE: See the post on “Why is My Dog Barking?”

Dog Barking

The third reason that your dog might be barking is that they are protecting a specific person or a territory. If you see your dog appearing to do any of the following when barking, then this is probably the answer to your question “Why does my dog bark?”:

Do They Do Any of These?:
  • Protecting a Person (i.e. Family Member, Friend, Another Dog etc.)
  • Protecting a Space (i.e. Bed, Corner, Crate, etc.)
  • Protecting a Toy (i.e. their favorite toy, blanket, etc.)
  • Protecting Their Personal Space

Usually, a dog who is territorial or protective will bark when people start getting too close to things or people that they love. Some might even bark when you just get too close to them in general.

Just like with the other reasons in this post, there is a strategy to tackle each reason individually and work towards getting your dog to be a little quieter or even completely quiet depending on how far you want to take the training. The best part is that it’s up to you but even simple shifts in your reaction to their barking goes a long way!

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Final Thoughts

You should ALWAYS understand the reason your dog is barking. Ask yourself, “Why does my dog bark?” If you can’t answer that question, then you need to start observing your dog a little closer next time they are excessively barking.

If you need some guidance or just have a question about how to do this or how to make sure that you’re right, please comment below or send us an email! We’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible and might even do a complete segment on your question!

What’s Next?

A great tool to help you once you’ve figured out what is causing your dog to bark is a Humane Bark Collar. You can pick one up on Amazon by clicking below! Best yet is that it comes with an in-depth training eBook to get you started on the right foot.

Humane Dog Bark Collar

Humane Bark Collar

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  • Beeps & Vibration Only
  • Does NOT harm your dog
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  • Easy Training with included eBook

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and we encourage you to stay posted as we continue to update this post and others to keep you up to date on the latest and best information. We look forward to reading your comments and answering your questions!

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Kevin Larrivee

Kevin Larrivee

Kevin is a life-long dog lover who loves sharing his dog training experience with others. Kevin finds the most excitement in answering questions that average dog owners have, especially if he doesn't know the answer! Continuous learning is what it is all about!

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